New Majors, Minors, and Certificates

The College is committed to expanding its curriculum to further our commitment to academic excellence and respond to the changing needs of our students.

Major in african american studies

The Georgetown board of directors approved a new African American studies during the 2015-16 academic year, capitalizing on the foundation of the current minor and increasing student interest and the university’s emphasis on interdisciplinary study and racial justice.

Beginning in the fall of 2016, the major comprises 10 courses and is divided into two concentrations – one on language, literature, arts and culture and the other on history, behavioral science and social inquiry.


The Program on Justice and Peace launched a major in justice and peace studies (JUPS) in the fall of 2014. With the addition of a major, the program expands upon its repertoire of dynamic pedagogy, cutting-edge scholarship, and whole-person education. The major will afford students an opportunity for deeper immersion with the theories, values, and skills necessary for meaningful engagement with the challenges of a complex world. Students are required to complete a total of 11 courses in the major, including the completion of a service-learning requirement through either a community-based learning course or the 4th-credit option for social action. JUPS majors will conclude their program with a thesis project as part of the senior seminar course. Students will design a concentration consisting of a minimum of three courses. Examples of potential concentrations could include: gender and justice, economic justice, humanitarian aid, conflict transformation, ecology and peace/justice, and social justice activism and organizing.


Interest in Korean language and culture has been increasing in recent years as the influences of Korean political and economic affairs have been joined by the Korean Wave in film and popular culture. TheDepartment of East Asian Languages and Cultures is pleased to offer a new minor in Korean as a way to acknowledge substantial work in Korean language and culture. In its flexible nature, the minor parallels the existing minors in Chinese and Japanese. It consists of seven courses, at least six of which must be Korean language courses or advanced courses conducted in Korean. The seventh course may be taught in either Korean or in English, and must have Korean literature, culture/civilization, or linguistics as a substantial component.


The Department of Philosophy, in conjunction with the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, now offers a minor in philosophy and bioethics. Bioethics is an intensely interdisciplinary field, bringing the sciences and the humanities together in an effort to think carefully about issues in medicine, the environment, and recent technological advances. The presence of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics offers Georgetown undergraduates the opportunity to learn from world-class scholars in the field of bioethics. In addition, students have access to the Kennedy Institute’s unmatched Bioethics Research Library.


The minor in business administration gives students an opportunity to develop the business knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the global economy with creativity, integrity, and a commitment to social justice. Through this minor, College students examine the field of business from diverse intellectual perspectives and better understand business in a cultural, political, and social context. Student may apply for the minor in their sophomore year. Questions about the minor should be directed to Assistant Dean Jessica Ciani-Dausch.


On the Hilltop there is great student interest in education—as a vocation, as an academic pursuit, and as a means to justice. The minor in education, inquiry, and justice caters to both student interest and university tradition, offering a rich and rigorous program through which students can explore the complexities of urban education. Students may apply in their sophomore year. Questions about the minor should be directed to Associate Dean Tad Howard.