Women And Gender Studies Search for Director

The Women and Gender Studies Program is essential to the university to provide an interdisciplinary, critical, feminist, and cross-cultural understanding of women, gender, and power in a global context. At the request of its students, Georgetown College has paid special attention to developing this important program further, so that it can better serve the needs of its students and faculty. The continued academic excellence of this institution is of the highest priority to the university. The improvements that are being made to this program will ultimately lead to a greater learning environment for our students, and an improved university experience overall.

In the past two years, the College has created a new advisory board comprised of faculty and students to determine how best to grow the program. This advisory board has helped lay the foundation for the next director of Women and Gender Studies. Though this individual has not yet been selected, a national search is currently being conducted for a full-time, tenured faculty member to head the program.

While this search is underway, the College has identified numerous individuals across several university disciplines to serve as affiliated Women and Gender Studies faculty. These faculty members have demonstrated an invested interest in the program, and will help to mentor the large group of students participating in the program, and will contribute its continued success.