Facets of the Program

Bakers for Life

After a rigorous selection process conducted by the Board of Trustees, selected Scholars are welcomed into the Baker community of current Scholars, Trustees, and alumni. The benefits of the program – both personal and professional – begin upon selection in the spring of sophomore year, and do not end with graduation. To become a Baker is to be a Baker for life.


Selected Scholars are paired with several mentors from the Board of Trustees who offer guidance as Scholars develop their interests at Georgetown and in the business world. The program prides itself on these mentor relationships, but current Baker Scholars are not limited to their assigned mentors. At each Scholar’s disposal is the entire Alumni network, including over 300 men and women of influence from a diverse array of industries. At the core of the program is self-sustaining mentorship. In exchange for the many opportunities available upon admission to the Baker Scholars Program, alumni of the program are asked to serve as resources and mentors for younger Scholars.


Baker Scholars are expected to dedicate a significant amount of time to the program, and students meet frequently throughout the school year. Each junior serves as a contributor to several committees, which are led by a Trustee and one or two senior chairs. Committee responsibilities include planning the fall trip to a location proposed by current Scholars, planning our annual New York City trip, marketing & recruitment for the program, and organizing service events in the D.C. area. Scholars are paired with committees where they can both contribute and be challenged, and the accomplishments of most graduating seniors are significant. Opportunities for leadership and self-led initiatives are plentiful. It is through the committees that current Scholars have the opportunity to lead and give back to the program while they are at Georgetown.

Financial Assistance

The program provides substantial financial assistance to those students who qualify, and works in conjunction with the Office of Student and Financial Services regarding all financial aid decisions. Selection to the program is made regardless of financial need.