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Class of 2021

Headshot of Ellis Anderson

Ellis Anderson was born in Atlanta, Georgia and is pursuing a major in economics and art history and a minor in classics. At Georgetown, she is a Division I rower on the Lightweight Women’s Crew Team. When she is not on the Potomac, Ellis serves as the Head of Data Analytics at The Corp’s on-campus food market, Vital Vittles. This position aligns well with her interest in the food-industry, particularly health-conscious and sustainably-minded food startup businesses. She plans to spend this summer in Lahaina on the island of Maui, Hawaii working on an organic dragon fruit farm learning both sustainable agricultural practices and business management strategies. In addition to her interest in food, Ellis has a passion for mental-health awareness and advocacy. In 2016, she began the first high school chapter in the nation of Active Minds, a club aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. She has continued this advocacy here at Georgetown on the Mental Health Board of the NCAA student coalition, Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC). In her free time, Ellis loves going to art museums, listening to podcasts, and backpacking.

Headshot of George Cortazzi

George Cortazzi grew up in London, England, and is currently pursuing a major in economics and a minor in business administration. Outside of the classroom, George is an employee at The Students of Georgetown, Inc.’s accounting department, the world’s largest entirely student-run business that operates a series of small coffee shops and supermarkets around campus. He is also an analyst on Zeeba’s Middle East and Africa desk, an emerging markets fund based at Georgetown. George is interested in the economics of distributed systems and the implications that they may have on existing financial infrastructure. This led to him interning last summer on the markets desk at Blockchain, a company specializing in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency space. At Blockchain George helped the research department write several papers, including one on stablecoins and sat on the markets desk, helping to develop its over the counter trading product and trading system. In his spare time, George enjoys spending time with his friends and family, trading, talking economics and holds a European helicopters pilot’s license.

Arisaid Gonzalez Porras is a junior in the College majoring in American studies. As an undocumented student, she advocates for the undocumented youth on and off-campus. She is President of Hoyas for Immigrant Rights which creates spaces for affected students and allies to have dialogues, share stories, and attend actions. This summer, she interned at United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-run non-profit organization dedicated to activism and immigration policy. Her main goal is to amplify the stories of those who have been silenced. Apart from her activism, she is part of the Patrick Healy Fellowship, a community of dynamic leaders who share a passion for addressing issues that affect communities of color, and a proud Georgetown Scholars Program mentor. Her background as first-generation and low-income pushes her to aid others with the resources and tools she has obtained. Her ultimate goal is to create a business aimed at deconstructing misconceptions about immigrants and creating a scholarship fund for aspiring college students regardless of immigration status. Arisaid loves to indulge in coffee chats, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Headshot of Hayley Grande

Hayley Grande is from Orange, Connecticut, and is pursuing majors in economics and government with a minor in business administration. Hayley explores her passion for public speaking, debate, and free speech as Managing Director for the GU Politics student-run podcast called Fly on the Wall and as a member of the Philodemic Debate Society. Hayley has experience interning at different levels of government and is most interested in the intersection of national security policy and the economy. In her free time, Hayley enjoys spending time with friends and family and watching House Hunters.

Headshot of Kevin Hautigan

Kevin Hautigan grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is pursuing a major in government and a minor in economics and english. On campus, Kevin has participated in the Compass Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurship, as first a fellow and then as a mentor. Through Compass, Kevin has learned about what goes into building a socially-minded business, and has worked to guide first-year students through this process. Kevin also co-founded his own venture at Georgetown, SleepSurf, that provided sleeping accommodations to students visiting their friends on campus. Kevin is excited about the potential of business and technology to influence advocacy and politics for the better. In conjunction with this interest, he spent the summer of 2018 interning in the marketing and communications division of the Georgetown University Bridge Initiative, which works to connect people around the world to academic research on Islamophobia. He has also worked to help non-profit organizations find strategic solutions to business problems they face as a member of Hilltop Consultants. This past summer, Kevin interned at The Campaign Workshop, a political consulting firm in D.C. In his free time, Kevin loves finding a new movie or book to enjoy.

Headshot of Jarian Lee

Jarian Lee was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and is currently pursuing a major in government with a minor in sociology. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he has both worked for and founded startups and has been a member of business and entrepreneurship related campus organizations. From the summer of 2018 to the end of the fall semester of 2018, he served as a Washington, D.C. based Communications Intern at a blockchain technology company, spreading awareness of the company’s products and grand vision to the world. Looking ahead, Jarian will spend the summer of 2019 interning in the Treasury Management division of Huntington National Bank. On campus, he was a member of Georgetown Ventures, an organization dedicated to providing student entrepreneurs with the advice and resources needed to help them thrive. Currently, he serves as a peer mentor with the Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (GAMBLE) and will be a resident of the URBAN House in the fall of 2019. In his free time, Jarian enjoys running on the National Mall, dissecting historical documentaries and political dramas, and watching old James Bond films.

Headshot of Seo Young Lee

Seo Young Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up moving to and from Jakarta, London, and Singapore. She is pursuing an American studies major and a business administration minor at Georgetown University, with the hope of synthesizing her interest in business, arts, and culture. On campus, Seo Young is a committed employee of Students of Georgetown Inc. (The Corp), serving as the Chief Executive Officer and President for the 2019-2020 term. She has also been involved with the International Students Association, a community that seeks to support international students and advocate multiculturalism on the Hilltop. Outside of class, Seo Young has interned for the Assistant Director at the National Portrait Gallery’s Department of Photography and written for the arts and culture magazine, The Georgetown Independent. While her time as a museum intern and journalist has concluded, Seo Young continues to indulge herself in the arts, curating playlists on Spotify, reading books, and trying to get through her growing list of films to watch.

Headshot of Chloe Quigley

Chloe Quigley grew up in Barrington, Illinois but now calls Chicago home. She is majoring in Justice and Peace Studies with a minor in Spanish and the Entrepreneurship Fellowship Certificate. During her freshman year, Chloe received a grant from Georgetown’s Social Innovation and Public Service Fund to start a microenterprise titled Oso that employs women living in the Guatemala City garbage dump communities, a place that Chloe has been doing service since the age of eight, to hand make stuffed teddy bears. Today, Oso is a sustainable non profit, recognized by the UN through Chloe’s participation in their Millenium Fellows program, empowering twelve women to make double their community’s average income. Aside from Oso, Chloe works for the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative on campus and engages with the Beeck Center as a GU Impacts alumni who worked at Mann Deshi Foundation in rural India during the summer of 2018. While she has a heart for international service and travel, Chloe loves spending time at home with family and staying active whether it be alongside the Chicago or Potomac River.

Headshot of Liz Schropp

Elizabeth “Liz” Schropp was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She is currently pursuing a major in mathematics with a double minor in business administration and history. On campus, Liz is actively involved with the Georgetown University Student Investment Fund (GUSIF) as the Vice-President of the media and telecommunications industry and is a dedicated employee of Students of Georgetown, Inc. (The Corp). She currently works as the Assistant Director of Operations at The Hilltoss, one of The Corp’s seven storefronts. She also engages in volunteer work as a member of Hoya Helpers and volunteered at Girls, Inc. of Omaha last summer as a soccer coach. In her spare time, Liz likes to play and watch soccer, ski, and watch Gilmore Girls.

Headshot of Ziyue Zhang

Ziyue Zhang was born in Qingdao, China, and grew up in Dallastown, Pennsylvania. He is currently pursuing a double major in physics and computer science and a minor in economics to complement his interests at the intersection of technology, finance, and social impact. On campus, Ziyue pursues research under Professor James Freericks in quantum computation and is active in the Blue & Gray tour guide society. He is also involved in the arts with the Georgetown Orchestra, the Department of Performing Arts, and the Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society. In the summer of 2019, Ziyue interned at El Nido Resorts in the Philippines as a GUImpacts fellow focused on creating tech applications to promote sustainability and issues in local communities. In his spare time, Ziyue likes to play pick-up basketball and mix music in hopes of becoming an amateur DJ.

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Class of 2022

Headshot of Bailey Bane

Bailey Bane was born and raised in Vienna, Virginia. She is currently pursuing a major in mathematics with a double minor in business administration and computer science. Passionate about entrepreneurship, in 2016, she founded a children’s entertainment company, Vienna Singing Princesses, LLC, which she now manages from campus. She speaks at conferences and women’s events advocating for the advantages of youth entrepreneurship. She developed a nonprofit sector of her company which services six cancer organizations in the greater Washington, DC area and co-sponsors events with local police stations in order to create healthy relationships between the police and youth. On campus, she is a member of Georgetown Collegiate Investors and Georgetown Club Swimming. In her free time, she enjoys singing, playing with her dogs, and watching Survivor.

Headshot of Roberto Hidalgo

Roberto Hidalgo is born and raised in Harlem in New York City and is pursuing a double major in sociology and african american studies. Outside of the classroom, he has served as a treasurer for student organizations Hoyas For Immigrant Rights (HFIR) and GU Riqueza Dominicana (GURD). Most recently, Roberto has transferred his focus and efforts to his job at Hoya Snaxa, which is under the Students of Georgetown Inc. or The Corp. He is also part of the recently inducted class of the Patrick Healy Fellowship which consists of leaders dedicated to addressing issues that affect communities of color. As a first-generation and low-income student, Roberto is a proud member of the Georgetown Scholars Program and has a passion for activism, issues surrounding immigration, addressing educational disparities, and understanding social issues through an intersectional lens. In the past, Roberto has worked and taught for the REACH Program which serves underprivileged students and prepares them for the rigorous high school application process and was a student caller and fundraiser for the Office of Advancement. For leisure, Roberto enjoys sports analytics, movies, comic books, and is an avid NBA fan and New York Knicks supporter.

Headshot of Will McCreadie

William “Will” McCreadie grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and attended high school in Toronto, Ontario. He is pursuing a double major in computer science and economics. Will is also doing research in neuroeconomics, studying the neural underpinnings of decision making. He is a Carroll Fellow and a computer science teaching assistant.

Outside of class, Will is the author of, where he writes about technology and futurism. He is deeply interested in the intersection of sustainable economics, human health, and climate change. As President of Georgetown Fintech, Will leads a team of 24 analysts to conduct research on advances in financial technology. He is also a member of Georgetown Ventures, where he helps launch student startups. In 2017, Will founded BIO Run, a charity 5k, to benefit leukemia research at The Princess Margaret Cancer Center. He is currently working to bring BIO Run to Georgetown. After graduation, Will hopes to start a company that uses innovative manufacturing to fight climate change. In his free time, Will enjoys traveling and studying contemporary art, as well as running, skiing, cooking, and drawing.

Headshot of Robert Nishimwe

Robert Nishimwe was born in Tanzania and lived there until the age of eight. He grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. He is majoring in political economy with an african studies certificate. Robert serves as a commissioner on the Student Activities Commission, where he oversees and advises student organizations on campus. He is the political chair for the African Society of Georgetown. He is also a part of AfroMovez, an African dance team on campus. Robert interned as a field organizer for the Elizabeth Warren campaign for President, where he got to see first-hand how economic policies affect and can impact the lives of everyday Americans. Robert has also been interning as a project event coordinator for PI 515, a tech non-profit organization that challenges, inspires, and teaches technology skills to underserved youth. These experiences have sparked Robert’s interest in economic justice and wanting to see a private sector that truly cares about public interests. Outside of academics and extracurricular activities, Robert enjoys dancing, listening to podcasts, and having banter with the mates.

Headshot of Alero Oyinlola

Alero Oyinlola is from Ibadan, Nigeria. At Georgetown, she is pursuing a double major in economics and french. On campus, Alero serves as the Executive Director for the Social Innovation Public Service fund, is the Treasurer of the African Society of Georgetown, and serves as a Research Assistant to Professor Elie at the Berkely Center. In Summer of 2019, Alero interned at La Centre Communauté d’Arques where, in collaboration with others, she formulated an economic development strategy on youth employment and developed a program to transform the Center into a social enterprise. In Summer of 2020, Alero will intern as a Product Specialist at Facebook. Alero enjoys reading, watching movies, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

Headshot of Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. She is majoring in government, minoring in environmental studies, and completing an entrepreneurship fellowship. She is interested in the intersection of public policy, environmental justice issues, business, and design in order to present complex issues in an accessible way. Victoria is a Vice President of Marketing at the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union working on content and improving financial literacy. She is also the Programming Chair for Students Advancing Food Equity at Georgetown University, promoting nutrition and food sustainability on campus. In her free time, Victoria loves to listen to podcasts and cook and bake for family and friends. Interested in the art of food, she styles and photographs the meal to later share the recipe on her food blog, Green Clean Livin (new window).

Headshot of Joan Spirollari

Joan Spirollari was born in Pogradec, Albania and lived there until he was six years old when his family immigrated to Lodi, New Jersey. He is pursuing a major in economics and a minor in business administration. Joan is interested in understanding how the power of the private sector can alleviate poverty and encourage economic development. On campus, Joan is actively involved with TAMID as a project manager, leading a team of three student consultants in advising Clicko-Brick, an Israeli green tech startup that offers a functional disposable plastic container solution. In his free time, Joan enjoys both watching and playing soccer, listening to podcasts, and learning about homesteading through YouTube.

Headshot of Ava Stiles

Ava Stiles is from Freehold, New Jersey and is pursuing a double major in government and justice & peace studies with a minor in economics. She is particularly interested in the relationship between the public and private sectors and how it impacts communities. On campus, Ava works in the administrative office at Yates Field House. Since her freshman year, she has served on the leadership board for Georgetown’s Relay For Life chapter, which raises money for the American Cancer Society and hosts events to support cancer patients, care-givers, and survivors within the Georgetown community. Ava also works with Georgetown Global Consulting, a student-run consulting firm that works with nonprofit organizations around the world. In her spare time, Ava enjoys baking, playing guitar and piano, and drinking coffee.

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