Board of Trustees

The Baker Scholars Program Board of Trustees consists of business leaders who embody the ideals of the program. Their positions in the business world, coupled with their experiences as Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences students and Baker Scholars, enable them to give back to the program through mentorship and governance.

The current board members are:

Chris Bobbitt (C’05)
Industry: Management Consulting, Government, Entrepreneurship

Michael Branca (C’90)
Industry: Financial Services / Banking

Jeff Craven (C’81)
Industry: Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Energy

Jim Filippatos (C’93)
Industry: Communications, Law, Public Policy, Entertainment

Peter Folan, S.J.
Industry: Education

Timothy Hanlon (C’88)
Industry: Management Consulting

Jason Jennings (C’98)
Industry: Wireless Telecommunications, Strategy Consulting, Consumer Marketing, Brand Management

Mary Pat McMahon (C’87)
Industry: Banking / Electronic Payments

Hollis Meminger (C’96)
Industry: Film / Television Production

Andrew Montgomery (C’06)
Industry: Tech, Venture Capital, Banking

Gerry Murray (C’85)
Industry: Finance

Laura Nemecek (C’88)
Industry: Nonprofits

Kristin Gaudino Rowe (C’04)
Industry: Media & Entertainment, Corporate Finance, CPG

Lisa Scruggs (C’93)
Industry: Law, Education, Public Policy

Laura Shen (C’11)
Industry: Fintech

Teddy Sitter (C’75)
Industry: Financial Services

Sarah Stuart (C’02)
Industry: Technology, Retail, Beauty, Human Resources