The core requirement in philosophy promotes students’ personal growth as human beings in search of meaningful lives, fosters their development as responsible citizens, and also serves as an introduction to the academic discipline. The core requirement in philosophy is two courses, one in general philosophy and one with an explicit focus on ethics.

The first course is taken in the first year, and the second course is normally taken in the sophomore year. First-year students should begin with either PHIL-020 Introduction to Philosophy or PHIL-010 Introduction to Ethics. The second course must be in the opposite area either at the introductory level (010 or 020) or the bridge level (100–199). Thus while students are permitted to fulfill the core requirement with the combination of PHIL-010 and PHIL-020, all students are encouraged (and potential majors are required) to take their second course at the bridge level. Students who begin with PHIL-020 should choose a bridge course in Ethics (100–149); students who begin with PHIL-010 should choose a bridge course in general philosophy (150–199).

A list of bridge courses being offered in the fall of 2015 is included below:

  • PHIL-105 Ethics: Bioethics
  • PHIL-111 Ethics: Privacy
  • PHIL-112 Ethics: Gender and Feminism
  • PHIL-113 Ethics: Just Wars
  • PHIL-124 Ethics: The Environment
  • PHIL-126 Ethics: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHIL-129 Ethics: Global Justice
  • PHIL-141 Ethics: Moral Foundations of Market Society
  • PHIL-143 Ethics: Moral Psychology
  • PHIL-149 Ethics: Well Being
  • PHIL-150 Beginning Logic
  • PHIL-151 Introduction to Logic
  • PHIL-155 Philosophy of Film
  • PHIL-156 How to Believe Responsibly
  • PHIL-158 Hellenistic Philosophy
  • PHIL-159 Existentialism
  • PHIL-160 Christian Creeds
  • PHIL-162 Theory of Knowledge
  • PHIL-163 Language & Power
  • PHIL-165 Political Emotions
  • PHIL-167 Political Philosophy
  • PHIL-180 Philosophy & Star Trek
  • PHIL-181 Science and Pseudoscience
  • PHIL-185 Self and Reality
  • PHIL-197 Introduction to Phenomenology

Please note that the Undergraduate Bulletin for the academic year in which the student matriculated is the ultimate authority on all degree requirements. Click here for the bulletin for the current academic year.