Science, Technology, and International Affairs


The Minor in Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA), offered by the College in connection with the the School of Foreign Service, is designed to provide policymaking training to students who already have a strong math and science background.

All majors or minors in chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, or computer science in Georgetown College, who wish to broaden their understanding of the impact of science and technology on society, and the mutual influence of economics, politics and culture on science and technology and vice versa, are eligible for a minor in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. Interested math majors or minors may also apply, but they must plan a curriculum jointly with their math and STIA advisors. Students who complete the eight premedical courses (General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Introductory Physics, and Introductory Biology) would also be eligible, regardless of their major.

Minor Requirements
  • Science and Technology in the Global Arena (STIA-305)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON-001)
  • International Relations (GOVT-006)
  • Three elective courses from ONE of the STIA subfields: Environment Studies, including Energy; Business, Growth and Development; Biotechnology and Global Health; and Science, Technology and Security. Students may not use science College math or science courses to fulfill these electives.

This minor is subject to the same controls as other minor programs in the College and does not allow any of the six courses in Groups I–III to be counted toward any other degree option.

A current list of courses can be found here.