Intensive August Session

This fall Georgetown is offering an array of courses that begin intensively and virtually in August, and then continue into fall at a lighter pace. Intensive August courses fulfill a requirement in the Core Curriculum and allow you to jumpstart your Georgetown experience. 

The Intensive August Session hosts courses in our core curriculum in two parts: 1) an intensive, online week in August, leading up to New Student Orientation, and then 2) continuing through the fall term with a much lighter footprint in the schedule. These courses are designed to provide rich intellectual foundations in a core subject, build intentional community, and orient new students to Georgetown’s academic culture. The August Session is part of the fall semester, and involves no additional cost. Students may take one August Session course, completing a portion of the work in advance of the full fall schedule, allowing for a lighter load overall from September to December. 

What’s in it for you?

  • BALANCE: We encourage all new students to build time into their fall schedules for depth and reflection. The August Session front-loads the work of one course, creating more breathing room after NSO for your other courses.
  • BEARINGS: Orient yourself to your new academic environment, focusing on a single class at the onset.
  • COMMUNITY: Meet new friends, form a tight community right away, and launch your intellectual exploration as a small cohort!
  • NO ADDITIONAL COST: These courses are part of the fall semester, and as such they incur no additional tuition charges or fees.
  • WHY WAIT until the end of August?

All August courses will meet from Monday, August 16 to Thursday, August 19, FOUR days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Specific “AUGUST” times are listed by section.

This fall’s Intensive August Session courses (see Schedule of Classes for times):

  • THEO-001-01, Problem of God, Professor Beverly Goines
  • THEO-001-30, Problem of God, Professor Luke O’Connell
  • WRIT-015-10, Writing and Culture, Professor Theodora Danylevich
  • WRIT-015-15, Writing and Culture, Professor Laura Hartmann-Villarta
  • WRIT-015-24, Writing and Culture, Professor Philip Sandick

Each course continues at a lighter pace through the fall semester, “AFTER NSO” times listed by section.

Please contact your advising dean if you have questions about these options and how they might fit into your overall plans.