Managing Midterms

It can be tricky to balance academics with friends, clubs, and the transition to college living. Here are some tips for success with midterm exams:

  • Mark your calendars.  Unlike high school, college professors won’t constantly be reminding you of upcoming exams and due dates.  While most teachers will remind you shortly before exams, be sure to consult your syllabus and mark all exams and important dates in a planner to get a more long-term picture.

  • Start preparing early. A week leading up to the exam, ask yourself, “Do I feel prepared to take this exam?” If the answer is no, start reviewing! Many classes don’t assign weekly graded homework, so it can be tempting to let it all go till the night before the exam. While this might work for some people, it is risky and stressful. Save yourself the stress and sleep by checking your progress ahead of time.  Ask questions in class or in office hours to make sure you are prepared!

  • Seek help from others. Connect with your professor and teaching assistants during office hours and form study groups with peers outside class. Through these relationships, you’ll solidify your understanding by answering others’ questions and asking your own.

Exam time can be stressful. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead, giving yourself enough time to study, and seeking help from others!

Hoya Saxa!

—Katie Hughes (C'16), math/pre-med major