Erin Force

Hello, new students, and welcome to Georgetown! We in the Dean’s Office are busy getting ready for your arrival in August. We’re excited to meet you and hope you’re excited for your Hilltop arrival.

I began my Georgetown career 10 years ago this month! I’m still carrying around a GoCard with a wide-eyed photo of myself on my very first day. It’s long expired and I should probably do something about that. Anyway...

I grew up in Wheaton, Illinois, a city in the western suburbs of Chicago with the distinction of being the U.S. city with the most churches per square mile. I stayed in the Midwest for college, studying English (with a concentration in journalism) and women’s studies at Miami University of Ohio. My love of literature and print media led me to a post-graduate course at Radcliffe, where I learned all about book and magazine publishing. After the course ended, I moved to New York City and took a job in publicity at Random House, Inc. As a book publicist, I threw book release parties (yes, there is such a thing and they're actually fun!), arranged authors’ book tours, set up tv and radio interviews, and tried to get books reviewed in newspapers and magazines. This was in the early 00s, when people were just beginning to talk about electronic books. I remember thinking there was no way anyone would ever want to curl up and read a book on a screen. Now I read exclusively on my ipad. Clearly, I cannot see the future.

After three years of pitching books to journalists, I decided to try to promote literature to an even tougher audience: high school students. I moved to Arlington, Virginia and began the master's in education program at GW. I was placed at a Fairfax County High School where I taught English during the day and took my grad classes at night. During the two years that I taught, the moments I loved the most were the one-on-one conversations with my students. I began to suspect that a counselor role might be a better fit for me than being a classroom teacher. On a bit of a whim, I began looking around for advising positions in higher ed, and landed at Georgetown just a few weeks after completing my master's degree.

Within a month or so, one of my new Georgetown co-workers introduced me to a good friend of his, who also graduated from Miami of Ohio. That friend became my husband. Randy and I were married almost eight years ago at Dahlgren Chapel, right in the center of Georgetown’s campus. We live in Alexandria, Va. with our three-year-old son Joey, whose main interests are dinosaurs, racecars and superheroes.

When I’m not in my office in ICC 303, I can usually be found with my family, which, in addition to my husband and son, also includes a big crazy mutt named Murphy. We go for lots of walks on the nature trails around our house and take little day trips in the area. Once a month, I rekindle my love of reading by attending my book club meeting. While wine is involved, I'm happy to say that my book club actually does read and discuss the book! We also regularly volunteer at Ronald McDonald House of Northern Virginia.

Feel free to stop by my office this fall if you’d like to meet in person! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and don’t worry if you have some nervous butterflies. This is such an exciting time in your lives, but big changes can be tough. I have grown to think of Georgetown as my second home, and soon you will too. See you soon, and Hoya Saxa!