Sydney Brooks

July 2015—I am entering my sophomore year in the College, with a declared major in linguistics. I am on track to complete a double major in psychology as well as a minor in Spanish. I am from Westchester, NY. I was a DC Reads tutor both semesters of my first year and plan on continuing in the fall. I am a member of GIVES and I am also involved in the Jewish Student Association, for which I serve as the vice president of community service.

An important piece of advice that I would give to a new student is a reflection of something that my mom told me when I came to Georgetown last summer. When she left after dropping me off, she told me that these four years at college would only be the best four years of my life—if I make them the best four years of my life. Everyone always says that college will be the best experience of a person's life, but it is not that simple. College is what you make of it, and if you make it a great experience, then it will definitely be the best time of your life.

Before even completing my first year at Georgetown, I learned so much about myself. I have taken classes outside of my comfort zone and expanded my studies way beyond what I had imagined. Sometimes it is important to reach outside of your comfort zone in order to have some the greatest experiences of your life.