Nathaniel Card

July 2015—I'm a rising sophomore double majoring in Arabic and psychology. I am from a little town in Massachusetts called Hopkinton, though even after just one year at Georgetown I don't think I'd have any trouble saying that I now live in DC. On the Hilltop, I'm involved with both the Georgetown Astronomical Society and the the Chess club, and I'm also on the Club Boxing team.

One piece of very cliché and overused advice I’d give to a new student is “do not stress." I apologize for the number of times you’ve probably seen this. However, I’m a firm believer that stress is largely a choice and never the right one. There is an infinite number of aspects of starting college that you could be stressed about—far too many to stress about all of them, so why stress over any of them?

It’s so easy to freak out about course selection and preregistration in particular, but as you go through the ordeal of laying out your courses, remember that if you sit down in front of your computer with your course catalogue in front of you and bring an excited attitude towards the whole process, you will be fine. It might take hours and a little bit of frustration, but I’m here to answer any questions and to help as much as you need me to. In the end, it’s all water under the bridge; or, I suppose, more like fulfilled credits under the course requirement.