Camille Hankel

June 2015—I'm from Norwich, Vermont and I'm a rising sophomore—I plan to double major in mathematics and computer science. At Georgetown, I am on the Club Tennis and Club Boxing teams, I write for the campus radio's (WGTB) blog The Rotation, and I work at Lauinger Library and at an environmental biology lab on campus.

My advice to any incoming student is to try your best to approach your first year without any expectations or assumptions about how it will go. Despite all the advice and guidance you may receive, I don't think the transition ever goes as expected—and having to deal with expectations not being met is harder than coping with all the new experiences themselves.

This advice applies to many aspects of life at Georgetown: do not expect a certain class to be easy or hard, do not assume you will meet all your friends a certain way, and most importantly, do not expect your overall experience to be similar to what anyone has related to you or to what you have interpreted from the media. I believe that the removal of all these expectations allows a student to be more open-minded about their experience, and thus make the most of their time here.​