Transfer Internally to Georgetown College


Spring 2019 Internal Transfer Applications were due on Tuesday, April 30. Applicants will receive notification by Friday, June 14.

By applying to transfer internally to Georgetown College, you're affirming that you have a full understanding of the College's curriculum and have determined that the academic opportunities in the College align with your interests and goals. Before submitting your application, make sure you've completed the following steps:

1. Fully acquaint yourself with the College's curriculum, including the core requirements and any major and minor programs that interest you.

Core requirements can be found here.

Major and minor descriptions and requirements can be found here.

2. Review the College's academic policies, particularly the residency requirement of four semesters.

The College's Academic Regulations can be found here.

3. Schedule an appointment to discuss your interest in the College and to talk over any concerns you might have about completing the degree. You should schedule your appointment with the College dean who would be assigned to you if you were to transfer to the College.

Decanal assignments can be found here.

4. Schedule a meeting with your current academic dean and/or faculty advisor to discuss your decision.

5. Complete the application and submit it on or before the last day of classes.


Students must complete one year of study in the school to which they were admitted. Beyond the first year, students may apply to transfer at the conclusion of either the fall or spring semester.

To be eligible for internal transfer, students must be currently enrolled students in good academic and social standing and have completed a full time schedule in the most recent semester.

The outcome of your application will be based on your academic record at Georgetown, your transfer application essay, and the viability of the academic program you are proposing.


The College expects four semesters of full-time enrollment (at least four courses and 12 credits) in the College itself, exclusive of study in the SFS, MSB or NHS, summer school, and overseas study programs.

No more than six courses from the McDonough School of Business may be counted towards the degree.