FLL Hager Scholars Program


Miléna Santoro, Department of French and Francophone Studies
Guy Spielman, Department of French and Francophone Studies
Sue Lorenson, Department of Linguistics
Nicoletta Pireddu, Department of Italian
Alan Mitchell, Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Who May Apply?

All first-year students in Georgetown College entering with a declared major in an FLL program (i.e., in a foreign language, linguistics, or comparative literature).

Course/credit equivalencies

In the fall, two or three courses, plus the one-credit colloquium, for a total of seven or 10 credits. Note that this is in addition to foreign language coursework.

Course Meeting Times

THEO-011-02, MTR 9:00am – 9:50am
IDST-050-01, F 12:00pm – 1:30pm
LING-001-01*, TRF 10:00am – 10:50am
CPLT-090-01*, MW 11:00am – 12:15pm

*Students may choose to take LING-001 or CPLT-090, or both.

Requirements fulfilled


Theology (one of two)
Social Science (one of two in Linguistics)
HALC: Humanities: Arts, Literature, and Cultures


General Philosophy
History Survey or Linguistics (two of two in Linguistics)
*Hager Scholars should avoid enrolling in a history survey course or a general philosophy course in the fall, as those requirements may be completed through the program in the spring semester.

Named in honor of Dr. Serafina Hager, a long-serving Italian professor and dean, the FLL Hager Scholars Program seeks to showcase and celebrate the incredible strength and diversity of language study at Georgetown. In addition to a course in their declared language or linguistics major (visit fll.georgetown.edu for a complete list of FLL majors), Hager Scholars take a series of courses that fulfill core requirements, taught by faculty who are particularly interested in the ways that language study informs their fields.

In Fall 2021, Hager Scholars will be enrolled in THEO-011 Introduction to Biblical Literature, as well as LING-001 Introduction to Language and/or CPLT-090 Introduction to Global Literature. In the Spring semester, students will continue learning as a cohort, enrolling in a general philosophy course and either a history survey or a second linguistics course to complete their core requirement in social science. Additionally, Hager Scholars will be enrolled in a biweekly, yearlong, one-credit colloquium, coordinated by French professors Miléna Santoro and Guy Spielmann and designed around a theme inclusive of all disciplines in the FLL.