Can you tell me which courses and professors are good?

Q: Can you tell me if __________ is a good course? And if __________ is a good professor?

A: No, it’s our job to tell you that they are all great courses and wonderful professors. And happily for us, it’s true! But these are perfectly fine questions to ask your peer advisor, who should be able to give you good, honest advice about which courses are going to be the best fit for you, your interests, your learning style, etc.

We also don’t recommend paying too much attention to external websites (you know the ones we are talking about) that evaluate courses and professors.  Our Registrar’s office collects and publishes course evaluation data anyway, and you can click on the “View Course Evaluation Results” link for any class in the Schedule of Classes in MyAccess to see that data. Full instructions here. In general, pay far more attention to the content of the class and the role you want it to play in your semester. Opinions and styles (and opinions about styles) vary; avoid letting others' opinions constrain your choices.