Common error messages

Q: When entering my preregistration requests, I got an error message that says _____________________. What does this mean? How can I fix it?

A: We're glad that you asked, since it’s important to pay attention to those error messages. Here are quick explanations of some of the more common error messages:

“College restriction will prevent enrollment"
This means that the course is only open to students in a certain school and is not open to you as a student in the College. A related note: this message also pops up if you accidentally try to preregister for a course being taught at the GU-Q campus in Doha, Qatar. This is a common mistake, so be sure to avoid preregistering for any section numbers in the 70s, as these are all GU-Q courses (e.g., GOVT-060-70, WRIT-015-71).

“Major restriction will prevent enrollment"
This means the course is only to students who have already declared a major in that field. This probably means that you will have to come back to this course later.

“Class restriction will prevent enrollment”
This means that the professor or department has decided to limit the class to certain class years. These restrictions work in lots of different ways: senior seminars are, of course, limited to seniors, while in some departments certain introductory courses are limited to first years. So if you get this message, the class isn’t open to students in your class year (or at least not the particular section you have selected).

“This course has a prerequisite"
It means just that: the course has a prerequisite that must be completed prior to enrolling in the course. These messages can be tricky for new students, since many of you will be bringing AP credit or transfer credit from another institution that will satisfy these prerequisites, but our preregistration system doesn’t know about that credit. If that’s the case, please email your dean to let him or her know that you have fulfilled the prerequisite via transfer credit. We can ask the registrar’s office to override those prerequisite warnings.