Is it possible to double/triple/quadruple major?

Q: I want to double/triple/quadruple major. Is that possible?

A: “Yes” to the double major but “no” to triple or quadruple majors. In the College we have what we like to call a “rule of three,” which means that you can pursue up to three programs in one of the following two combinations: either a double major with a minor (or certificate) program or a major with two minor (or certificate) programs.

Some advice: don’t feel pressure to pile things on or “collect” additional majors or minors. Be thoughtful about the programs you choose to pursue and the ways in which they complement one another. Be open to change, too. You might eventually find that you aren’t as interested in a particular field as you thought you were going to be, or you might discover an interest in a field that you had never thought much about or even heard of before. In other words, if you graduate with majors in psychology and American studies and a minor in French, let it be because you are genuinely interested in/passionate about each of those fields!