Is it too late to be pre-med?

Q: I think I want to be pre-med. Is it too late for that?

A: Pre-med is not declared on your transcript like a major. Instead, it simply means that you take two semesters of courses in math, biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics that medical schools require for admission. You can read more about this here. If you are still undecided but want to explore the pre-med track, you can request one or more of the pre-med courses during preregistration.  We recommend choosing either Foundations in Biology (BIOL-103/113) or General Chemistry (CHEM-001/009) and either Calculus I (MATH-035) or Probability and Statistics (MATH-040) for the fall semester. If/when you know that you want to pursue the pre-med track, you can email the pre-med coordinator ( to make sure that you are added to our database and listserv.