The George F. Baker Scholars Program

Applications Due on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 12:00 pm ET

Baker Scholars visit Delta Air Lines during 2021 Fall Trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

Business Leaders For Others

The Baker Scholars Program embodies the spirit of Georgetown! If you are a College sophomore, interested in business or the social impact of business, and you are looking to explore opportunities outside of the classroom with a close community of scholars and alumni, consider applying to the Baker Scholars Program.

You will meet leaders and make connections across industries; you may find an exciting job you never imagined; and you’ll become part of a life long, inclusive, and intergenerational community of Baker friends and mentors.

Baker Scholars are leaders for others who invest in themselves and others and are committed to a 50 -year Baker legacy of service, gratitude, generosity of heart, and an inexpressible ‘spark’ of passion!

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