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Founded in 1789 as the nation’s first Catholic institution of higher learning, Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences is committed to the Jesuit traditions of an integrated education and of productive research in the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.

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Our students are seekers of truth, able to solve problems locally and globally. Our programs have world-class faculty that help provide students with the insight needed to be best prepared to improve our complex world.

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Sterling Lykes

Search For A Deeper Knowing

The College covers every corner of the human experience. Rather than imagine your education as downloading information or facts, reimagine your education as a process of seeking, questioning, probing, arguing, and creating. Intellectual achievement comes not only from in-depth research within disciplines but also from a commitment to interdisciplinary research.

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3,400+UndergraduatesThe College is the oldest school at Georgetown and home to the largest number of undergraduate students.
520+Faculty MembersThe College has world-renowned faculty who teach, do research, and help encourage the evolution of students’ minds and create an impact on the world.
100,000+Degree CombinationsWith 43 majors, 55 minors, and seven certificates available, students are encouraged to create their own custom educational experience.

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“The Hager Scholars program taught me a lot about the interdisciplinary aspects of language and linguistics, and I still find myself thinking back to different lectures we had throughout the year and how the concepts we learned apply to the classes I’m in today.”

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Jackson Mittleman

“To watch the first federal gun violence prevention legislation be signed into law 10 years after Sandy Hook and 30 years since the last bill was passed, it was a full circle moment. To finally see some steps in the right direction was a great thing, and as a political nerd, I was excited to be at the White House on the lawn.”

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Dr. Martha Weiss

“Once every 13 or 17 years, depending on your location in the eastern United States, a brood of periodical cicadas emerges from their underground burrows. Our [research] results demonstrate the pervasive ecological impacts of periodical cicadas on species interactions and patterns of energy flow in the eastern forests of North America.”

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Enhance Your Learning Experience

The College is constantly evolving to bring in more opportunity for students, faculty, and alumni to connect and learn from each other. These programs and resources are distinctly part of the College, help to foster connections, and enhance learning experiences now and long after graduation.

The Social Responsibility Network (SRN)

The College of Arts & Sciences is proud to support the Social Responsibility Network, a program designed to help students pursue careers in nonprofit and public service fields. The Social Responsibility Network provides lessons, programming, networking, and mentorship for students who seek out careers centered around doing social good. It connects students with an advisory board composed of alumni currently working in a wide range of service-based careers.

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The George F. Baker Scholars Program

The Baker Scholars Program embodies the spirit of Georgetown and has developed into one of Georgetown University’s most prestigious and sought-after undergraduate programs. The Program seeks exceptional sophomores in the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences who possess a demonstrated interest in business and strong records of academic achievement, community service, and leadership. The Baker Scholars Program offers unique exposure to a range of businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises.

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