Baker Scholars Program

The Georgetown Difference

Of the 50 George F. Baker scholarships funded at universities across the country, only Georgetown’s remains in its original form. The reason the Georgetown Baker Scholars Program endures is due to its home at Georgetown and its chief architect, Royden B. Davis, SJ, who served as Dean of Georgetown College from 1966 to 1989.  Guided by George F. Baker’s purpose, Fr. Davis appointed Founding Trustees to help build Georgetown’s Baker Scholars Program. 

The Jesuit ideals of “men and women for others” and cura personalis are quite naturally the foundation of Georgetown’s Baker Scholar program. Upon this Ignatian foundation, the program continues to remain true to the Founders’ values.  The program framework is deliberately

  • simple – to ensure the program remains flexible to best meet Scholar needs;
  • self-aware – to preserve the timeless integrity of the Baker experience;
  • and generous – supported by Baker alumni’s time and resources to maintain the Baker Scholar legacy for future Georgetown students.

The Georgetown Baker Scholars Program  continues to endure with the ongoing commitment of the Georgetown College Dean’s office.

The Baker Experience

The Baker Scholars Program has developed into one of Georgetown University’s most prestigious and sought-after undergraduate programs.  The program seeks exceptional sophomores in Georgetown College who possess a demonstrated interest in business and strong records of academic achievement, community service and leadership. 

After a rigorous process, selected students are welcomed into the Baker community of current Scholars and Baker alumni. The benefits of the program – both personal and professional – begin upon selection in the Spring of sophomore year, and continue throughout the undergraduate experience and beyond. To become a Baker is to be a Baker for life.

The Baker Scholars Program offers unique exposure to a range of businesses, non-profits and social enterprises. Through dialogue and experience, students are challenged to imagine beyond what they know or think they might know. The program provides students the freedom to discover and explore business and service related opportunities that build confidence and connections. Students envision themselves in leadership positions across a range of industries and functions. 

The program also seeks to develop and instill a sense of social obligation and community responsibility within the Scholars which serves as a foundation for their future careers. Through community service activities, exploration of non-profits, and education about corporate social responsibility, the program helps answer students’ questions about how individuals and businesses can be powerful agents of positive change.

During this process, Scholars from across the globe, who represent diverse backgrounds and life experiences and with whom a student may never have otherwise met, journey alongside each other as part of the Baker community. Scholars make life-long and inter-generational friendships through the Program.