Program Elements

The Baker Web

The “Baker web” is a lifelong network of Baker Scholar alumni who are available to each other, as friends, advisors and professional contacts. This community, currently almost 400 alumni, is bound by shared experiences and committed to ensuring the Georgetown Baker Scholars program remains a defining experience for Scholars and a lasting connection for alumni.


Mentoring is a core element of the Baker Scholars Program. Upon selection, Scholars are paired with Baker Trustees who serve as mentors. The mentors help Scholars challenge themselves personally and professionally to more deeply consider how Georgetown and Baker experiences inform who they wish to become and what they wish to achieve. They encourage Scholars to be open and leave room for the ‘new’ and ‘unexpected’. The mentor-mentee relationship is based on shared expectations and participation.  Scholars report that their mentor relationship has “made all the difference” and it is the reason why Baker Scholars return and become mentors and Trustees after graduation. In addition to their Trustee-mentor relationships, Scholars have available to them the entire Baker Board of Trustees and the broader “Baker web.”

Programmed Events

Baker Scholars are expected to dedicate a significant amount of time to the program, meeting frequently throughout the school year. The Baker experience includes visiting multiple cities and meeting business leaders across a range of businesses and non-profit organizations.  Each junior serves as a contributor to several committees, which are led by Trustees and one or two senior chairs. Committee responsibilities include: planning the Fall trip to a city proposed by current Scholars; planning the annual New York City trip; planning a day of visits to Washington, D.C. area businesses, organizations and institutions; and participating in new Scholar selection activities. The program also hosts guest speakers whom Scholars organize with the Trustees.  It is through the committees that current Scholars have the opportunity to lead, develop friendships with fellow Scholars and Trustees, and contribute to the program while they are at Georgetown.

Community Service

Community service is a fundamental part of the Baker Scholars Program and the students strive to exemplify the Jesuit ideal of men and women for others.  This effort is entirely student-led and organized. Current students select and lead a series of D.C.-based community service initiatives in which all Baker Scholars takes part. 

Financial Assistance

The program provides financial assistance to those students who qualify and works in conjunction with the Office of Student and Financial Services regarding all financial aid decisions. Selection to the program is made regardless of financial need.