Education, Inquiry, and Justice



  • Class of 2017

    Class of 2017

    Congratulations to the Education, Inquiry, and Justice Class of 2017!

  • Georgetown WOW Event

    Georgetown WOW Event

    Professor Wesley-Nero joined the Center for Social Justice's Andria Wisler and Lauren Johannesson-McCoy and Cristo Rey Network's Jane Genster, sharing thoughts on education and social justice at the sixth Georgetown WOW! event.

Program in Education, Inquiry and Justice (EDIJ)

The Georgetown University Program in Education, Inquiry and Justice (EDIJ), a 6-course minor, equips students to critically examine the intersection of education, social justice and society from multiple disciplinary lenses. EDIJ anchors the study of education, education philosophy, and education policy in the liberal arts tradition, while simultaneously providing rich, field-based opportunities for undergraduates in preK-12 environments. Integral to our institutional mission to support the formation of women and men with and for others committed to the common good, EDIJ students engage with themselves, the local DC community, and the broader public discourse on the potential of education to promote justice while examining the historical and contemporary social context, policy, research, practices of education in the US.

Applying to EDIJ

EDIJ welcomes applications from all current sophomores and junior transfer students with a demonstrated interest in the field of education. The application to become an EDIJ minor is open January 15-February 15, 2019. Students interested in becoming an EDIJ minor should download the application form. The completed application should be emailed to . The academic letter of recommendation should be emailed directly to .



EDIJ has moved from ICC 519A to the 1st floor of Car Barn: Suite 171, Room 182. Please email to make an appointment.

There is great student interest in education at Georgetown, as a vocation, as an academic pursuit, and as a means to justice.

This focus on education is nourished deeply by Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition, which from its very beginnings has looked to education as a critical means to promote justice and individual well-being. In keeping with this tradition, the minor embodies the notion that all service and action should flow from contemplation and inquiry, and adds to the lifelong development of men and women for others. 

EDIJ Curricular Structure

EDIJ is a 6-course interdisciplinary minor. In addition to the EDIJ courses offered each semester, courses from a wide variety of departments across the university also are cross-listed with EDIJ. Please note that some courses offered by other departments require a prerequisite. (For example, if you are interested in taking courses cross-listed with EDIJ in psychology, PSYC-001 Introduction to Psychology is a prerequisite for many courses.)

Requirements for the minor


The minor in education, inquiry, and justice is a six-course program. However, some courses that are essential for the minor (or are simply options within it) have prerequisites that must be completed in advance.

Students interested in the minor should consider taking these courses in their first or second year.

  • PSYC-001 Introduction to Psychology: a prerequisite for most learning and human development courses.

Students considering completing courses for the minor in sociology or biology should note the following requirements as well.

  • BIOL-103/104 Foundations of Biology I and II and BIOL-230 Science Pedagogy are required before the biology praxis option.