Executive Council Membership

The Executive Council (ExCo) shall consist of the dean of the College, faculty, academic deans, one representative of the University Faculty Senate, one representative of each academic unit within the College, College Academic Council representatives, and other such members as shall be recommended by the dean with the concurrence of the members of the council. The term of office for all members shall be one academic year.

David Edelstein and Deborah Phillips
Vice Deans of Faculty
108 White-Gravenor

2018-19 Academic Year Representation

Executive Council Chair 
Christopher Celenza, Dean of the College


To be announced

Steering Commitee

To be announced

Office of the Dean Representatives

Marlene Canlas
Associate Dean

Thomas Chiarolanzio
Senior Associate Dean

Bernie Cook
Associate Dean

David Edelstein
Vice Dean of Faculty

Erin Force
Associate Dean

Tad Howard
Associate Dean

Sue Lorenson
Vice Dean of Undergraduate Education

Deborah Phillips
Vice Dean of Faculty

Elena Silva
Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Diversity and Inclusion

Keshia Woods
Associate Dean

Faculty Representatives

African American Studies, Department of
Rosemary Ndubuizu (Fall)
Marcus Board (Spring)

American Studies Program
Erika Seamon

Anthropology, Department of
Sylvia Önder

Arabic and Islamic Studies, Department of
Sylvia Önder

Art and Art History, Department of
John Morrell

Biology, Department of
Martha Weiss

Catholic Studies Program
Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

Chemistry, Department of
Jong-in Hahm

Classics, Department of
Charles McNelis

Cognitive Sciences Program
Ali Moghaddam

Comparative Literature Program
Susanna Lee (Fall)
Emily Francomano (Spring)

Computer Science, Department of
Mark Maloof

East Asian Languages and Cultures, Department of
Fei Ren

Eastern Mediterranean Languages
Sylvia Önder

Economics, Department of
Marius Schwartz

Education, Inquiry and Justice Program
Sabrina Wesley-Nero

English, Department of
Seth Perlow

Environmental Studies Program
Tad Howard

European Studies Program
Peter Pfeiffer

Film and Media Studies Program
Sky Sitney

French and Francophone Studies, Department of
Anne O’Neil-Henry

German, Department of
Astrid Weigert

Government, Department of
Marilyn McMorrow

History, Department of
Tommaso Astarita

Italian, Department of
Laura Benedetti

Journalism Program
Anna Oldenburg

Justice and Peace Program
Randall Amster (Fall)
Elham Atashi (Spring)

Linguistics, Department of
Jennifer Nycz

Mathematics and Statistics, Department of
David Caraballo

Medieval Studies Program
Sarah McNamer

Performing Arts, Department of
Derek Goldman 

Philosophy, Department of
William Blattner

Physics, Department of
David Egolf

Psychology, Department of
Rebecca Ryan

Science in the Public Interest Program
Sarah Stoll

Slavic Languages, Department of
Svetlana Grenier

Sociology, Department of
Yuki Kato

Spanish and Portuguese, Department of
Patricia Vieira

Theology, Department of
Brandon Dotson

Women’s and Gender Studies Program
You-Me Park

Faculty Senate Representative

Micah Jensen
McCourt School of Public Policy

College Academic Council Student Representatives

Jacqueline Crispino (C’19)

Brandon Spear (C’20)

Elise Dumont (C’22)

At-Large Student Representative

Luis Gonzalez (C’19)