At Georgetown College, research unites faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students in the search for new knowledge through academic methods of inquiry. As senior scholars, faculty express and pursue the most ambitious questions in their fields while inviting inviting students to participate in a process of inquiry, exploration, and discovery. Students join in this research in classrooms, laboratories, archives, and the field, all the while gaining valuable training and mentorship from their faculty advisors. At the College, both the new knowledge generated by research and the process of inquiry itself are central to the education and formation of students.

Research News

photo of students sitting across from each other eating food while wearing masks in one of the Georgetown Dining halls

Maureen Tibbetts (C’21) and Adam Epstein-Shuman (C’22) Contribute to Happiness Research on Impact of Online Interactions During Peak of Social Distancing

September 21st, 2021

At the height of social distancing in the United States, a team of researchers led by Kostadin Kushlev, Ph.D. and professor in the Department of Psychology, examined the effects of online interactions on individuals’ happiness. Undergraduates Maureen Tibbetts (C’21) and Adam Epstein-Shuman (C’22), who contributed to the study, found that while online social interactions with strong ties are associated with higher well-being, online interactions with strangers were related to lower well-being. 

headshot of Kim Sellers on grey background

Kimberly Sellers Named ASA Fellow for Research, Collaboration and Leadership in Justice and Equity

September 8th, 2021

Kimberly Sellers, Ph.D. and professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, was elected as a Fellow in the American Statistical Association (ASA) for her excellence in dispersed count data methodology, impactful collaborations with the US Census Bureau and exemplary leadership increasing justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in statistics and broader mathematical science communities.

International Collaborative Research by Biologists Leslie Ries and Naresh Neupane Provides Key Insights to Decline of Monarch Butterfly

August 30th, 2021

Leslie Ries and Naresh Neupane, professors in the Department of Biology, contributed to research published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution that revealed climate change is the cause of the continued decline of the eastern monarch butterfly. The team, led by Michigan State University ecologists, was an international research partnership of professional and volunteer scientists.