College Academic Council

Comprising four elected representatives from each class in the College, the College Academic Council (CAC) fosters a positive ​working relationship between administration, students, and faculty in order to help students manage and enhance their academic lives. CAC interacts with College faculty and administration regarding a wide variety of issues, representing the students of Georgetown College, seeking their opinion on academic issues, and acting in their name. CAC has helped to develop stronger student-professor relations through their annual events — ​College Honors, Majors Fair, and Donuts with the Deans — in addition to various events hosted throughout the year.  In the past, CAC has enacted substantial change in the College, including advocating for the business minor for students in the College, which was approved in Spring 2010.

CAC is here to serve students in any academic capacity that they need. Please feel free to bring suggestions, questions, or comments to the attention of its members. Furthermore, CAC’s weekly meetings are open to all students in the College. If you would like to sit in on a meeting, email for specific meeting times. To stay updated on all of CAC’s events and current projects, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @GUCAC. We also have an open suggestions form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Committee Positions

Every year the College Academic Council also seeks students to fill positions on the College Undergraduate Admissions Committees, the College Executive Committee, and the College Curriculum Committee.

Seven students appointed to the College Undergraduate Admissions Committees, which includes administrators, professors, admissions officers, and students, will be asked to read and evaluate applications to Georgetown College, helping to shape the student body of the College.

One student appointed to the College Executive Committee, which includes faculty, deans, and students, will be invited to monthly meetings to discuss and provide input on issues pertaining to the College, including academic policy, curriculum development, and the honor system.

One student appointed to the College Curriculum Committee, which includes faculty, deans, and students, will be invited to meetings as needed to discuss and provide input on curriculum issues pertaining to the College, including academic policy, curriculum development, core requirements, and the establishment of new majors and minors.

Student input is highly valued on all three of these committees, so please consider applying. If you have any questions, email the College Academic Council at


Trevor O’Connor (President)

A senior from Lufkin, Texas, Trevor O’Connor is a Government Honors student with minors in sociology and African American studies. Outside of the College Academic Council, Trevor is active with the Student Leadership Alliance, a national network of student governments, in addition to GLMR and the Carroll Fellows Initiative. In the past, Trevor has served on the boards the College Democrats and the GU-ACLU Club. He looks forward to serving the academic needs of the College student body as Council President this year.

Johnsenia Brooks

Johnsenia Brooks is a senior originally from the Bronx, New York double majoring in Government and Psychology with a minor in French. In addition to serving on the College Academic Council, she was the Resident Assistant for the French Floor Living Learning Community for two years. She currently serves as the President of Prison Outreach after serving as the Literature Curriculum Coordinator for two years. She also serves as the Social Media Chair for GU Riqueza Dominicana and the Fundraising Outreach Chair for Girl Talk. When she is not on campus, she is working as a legislative intern for the Environmental Defense Fund or spending time with friends. She looks forward to representing her peers! 

Casey Doherty

Casey Doherty is a senior from Charlton, New York, double majoring in Government and American Studies. In addition to the College Academic Council, Casey serves as a student representative to the Georgetown Board of Directors and is involved with the Georgetown Opportunities for Leadership Development program and GUSA. She also facilitates Bystander Intervention Trainings on campus. Casey is looking forward to another year of advocating for Georgetown students.

Kate Wittpenn

Kate Wittpenn is a senior from New York, New York majoring in Classical Studies with a concentration in Latin language and minoring in Psychology. Outside the College Academic Council, Kate is on the associate board of The Lecture Fund, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity, and has been an active member of The Hoya. After Georgetown, she hopes to pursue a career in law. By serving on the council, Kate is looking forward to working with fellow college students and hearing their concerns.


Sally Hayes (Vice President)

Sally is a junior from Georgetown, Massachusetts. She is majoring in Government with minors in Spanish and Statistics. In addition to serving as Vice President of the College Academic Council, she serves as a Coordinator for Georgetown Opportunities for Leadership Development, is Newsletter Coordinator for GUSA, and cheers on the Georgetown cheer team. She loves the College for its breath of academic options which allow students to explore the intersectional nature of our world. She looks forward to serving fellow juniors on the Council.

Liddy Kasraian

Liddy Kasraian is a junior from Andover, Massachusetts majoring in Biology of Global Health on the Pre-med track and minoring in Chinese. In addition to serving on the College Academic Council, Liddy is a Head Teaching Assistant in the Biology department and a Research Assistant in the Math Brain Lab. She is also involved in New Student Orientation and the GAAP Digital Media Team. She is excited about representing the Class of 2021 as they make their mark on the Hilltop!

Jonas Lustbader

Jonas Lustbader is a Junior from Weston, Connecticut, majoring in Government and minoring in Psychology and Economics. In addition to serving on the Academic Council, he is a Project Manager for the national organization TAMID and a financial analyst for Georgetown Collegiate Investors. Jonas looks forward to using his experience on the Council to serve his classmates!

Winnie Shi

Winnie is a double major of physics and government with a minor in statistics. She hopes to advocate more for mental health by raising awareness and focusing on the academic needs of people with mental health issues. One of her life goals is to make her bios more entertaining.


Alexandra Bowman (Secretary)

Alexandra Bowman is the incoming CAC Secretary and a representative for the Class of 2022. She is the Editorial Political Cartoonist and a News Writer for The Hoya and a DC Reads Coordinator. She is also the founder of “The Hilltop Show,” a political comedy show she is launching with a team at Georgetown in fall 2019. She is also a freelance artist and has illustrated three children’s books.

Trey Demert

Trey Demert is a sophomore from Cary, Illinois. He is planning on majoring in biochemistry and minoring in Business Administration. Beyond the College Academic Council, Trey is a College Peer Advisor, member of the Midwest Club, and works for Georgetown’s Student Centers. He can’t wait to represent his peers as their representative on the College Academic Council.

Lucy Doyle

Lucy Doyle is a sophomore from Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently undeclared but is hoping to major in American Studies and will minor in Disability Studies. In addition to serving on the College Academic Council, she dances with various groups on campus. She hopes to study abroad in Italy or New Zealand and continue to discover new interests at Georgetown. Lucy looks forward to serving on the council and representing the Class of 2022!

Muhammad Ahsan Shafique (Treasurer)

Muhammad Ahsan Shafique is a Sophomore from Pakistan. He is undeclared but hoping to go for a double major in Economics and Government. In addition to serving on the College Academic Council, Ahsan is a member of Club Ultimate Frisbee and Club Swimming. Ahsan also loves running and playing tennis. He is a member of the International Relations Club and is dancing for the Rangila South Asian Dance Festival. He also sits on the InterHall Council. Ahsan is very excited to represent the Class of 2022 on the CAC and hopes to improve academic life for all College students.


LaHannah Giles

LaHannah is a first-year student from Chicago, Illinois. She is currently undeclared but intends to major in Government and Spanish with a minor in cultural studies. In addition to being part of the Academic Council, she is also a student intern with the Pre-College Programs at Georgetown, a member of the Residential Judicial Council, a member of the Afro Moves dance team, and a proud Community Scholar. LaHannah is excited to represent her class.

Gene Kim

Gene Kim is a freshman from Columbus, Ohio. As of now, she plans on majoring in Government with a minor in Public Health. Along with CAC, she is part of Asian American Student Association and is a freshman representative for the Korean Student Association. Gene is excited for this opportunity to represent the Class of 2023 and serve her peers in the College!

Amanda Yen

Amanda hails from San Diego, California, and is happily undeclared, but looking to work in education and public policy. Outside of the College Academic Council, Amanda enjoys working with the DC Schools Project and College Next Door, and also seeks out dialogue spaces with A Different Dialogue: Race & Ethnicity and as a proud member of Georgetown’s Young Leaders in Education About Diversity.

Winni Zheng

Winni Zheng is a first-year student from Lexington, SC. She is planning on majoring in economics on the pre-med track. In addition to serving on the College Academic Council, she is on the Development Committee for DCivitas and the Professional Development Initiative for the Asian American Student Association, serves as a site manager for GUMSHOE, and dances for Hoya Blue Diamonds. She is so excited to be on the Council to represent the Class of 2023!

Dean’s Office Advisor

Erin Force

Erin Force advises first year and sophomore students in the College. In addition to advising the College Academic Council and serving as their main liaison to the College’s administration, she directs the Ignatius Seminar program, leads the College’s outreach to newly admitted students, co-leads the College’s New Student Orientation activities, manages the College’s internal transfer process, and serves on several campus committees. If she’s being honest, though, working with the CAC is one of her very favorite things to do. Erin earned her B.A. in English with a minor in Women’s Studies at Miami University of Ohio and her M.Ed. at George Washington University.