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The College of Arts & Sciences is home to some of the world’s foremost academics producing research that not only shapes their fields but impacts the wider world.

In the classroom, our faculty provide engaging lectures and discussions, while outside they produce research that informs the spheres of policy, science and the arts. Read more about some of the most recent research produced by our world-class faculty.

Faculty Research Stories


“Georgetown has given me the opportunity to bring ethical questions into the very center of my scholarship. It’s also made me feel that my scholarly work, my teaching, my work in the community is a lot more integrated.”

Professor Julia Watts Belser’s Story
Dr. Jeffrey Huang

“Based on our success in animal trials, we believe our drug will help stabilize patients with the disease [multiple sclerosis], reducing not only the number of relapses, but their severity as well.”

Professor Jeffrey Huang’s Story

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A mother and daughter sit together on a couch. The daughter sits in the mother's lap and both collaboratively look at a tablet.

News Story

New Report Outlines Best Practices for Parents and Educators in the Digital Age

A new research review from developmental psychologist Rachel Barr provides recommendations for how parents and educators can reap the benefits of digital media while mitigating many potential downsides

January 29, 2024

The clocktower of Healy Hall against a bright blue sky.

News Story

Collaboration Between Economists at Premier Research Universities Aimed at Transforming Political Debate 

A new partnership between economists at Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Princeton and Yale seeks to transform the way economic research informs and shapes policy making.

December 12, 2023

Martha Weiss, a professor in the Department of Biology

News Story

Insect Feast: New Paper from Georgetown Professor Explores the World of Cicadas

Martha Weiss, a professor in the Department of Biology New research from College of Arts & Sciences professor Martha Weiss provides an unprecedented look into the curious and…

November 27, 2023