Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences offers Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in over 40 majors. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers Ph.D., Professional Doctorate, Master’s, and Certificate level programs in over 50 discipline areas.

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The study of philosophy, theology, languages, history, literature, and the arts are among the oldest components of university education and compel us to transcend our experiential, cultural, and temporal limitations. Our humanities programs expose students to rich traditions of thought, spirituality, and expression from across the world in an effort to understand what it means to be human.

Social Sciences

The study of social sciences such as economics, government, sociology, and anthropology use methods of scientific inquiry to better understand human behavior. Our social science programs aim to create true global citizens — to fortify technical training with compassion, understanding, and judgment necessary to become agents for the common welfare on a global scale.

Science and Mathematics

Engaging students in authentic inquiry is the hallmark of a science and mathematics education at Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences. Through more than a dozen science and mathematics majors and minors, our students focus on developing knowledge through hands-on learning in order to move from studying science to being scientists.

Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences offers a joint-degree program with the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. This science and engineering program provides students with the opportunity to receive both an A.B. degree from Georgetown and B.S. degree from Columbia in five years. Students complete the requirements for the liberal arts degree along with a pre-engineering course of study in three years at Georgetown and then complete two years at Columbia.

The Faculty of Language and Linguistics

The Faculty of Language and Linguistics (FLL), housed within the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences, consists of seven modern foreign language departments, the Department of Classics, the Department of Linguistics, and the Global and Comparative Literature Program, as well as additional Small Program Languages. These departments and programs play a crucial role in the international character of a Georgetown education and in the scholarly exploration of languages, literature, and cultures.

The FLL offers courses in 20 languages and intensive and non-intensive tracks. More than 22 percent of College students major or minor in a foreign language. After advanced language study at Georgetown, nearly 70 percent of our students who study abroad enroll directly in an overseas institution.

In the FLL, students develop language skills and acquire a cultural education, empowering them to transcend international barriers. The FLL aims to produce graduates who are sensitive to the needs of the world community, open to exploring new ways to improve life, and ready to approach complex issues from an intercultural perspective.