Diversity and Inclusion

Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences is proud to celebrate diversity and strives to make our community inclusive and welcoming to all in it.

We celebrate our differences that make us a stronger community of students, faculty, and staff who treat each other with respect and dignity in the true spirit of the Jesuit tradition of Cura Personalis.

News Highlights

A mother and daughter sit together on a couch. The daughter sits in the mother's lap and both collaboratively look at a tablet.

News Story

New Report Outlines Best Practices for Parents and Educators in the Digital Age

A new research review from developmental psychologist Rachel Barr provides recommendations for how parents and educators can reap the benefits of digital media while mitigating many potential downsides

January 29, 2024

An image showing circular objects drawn to a central circle.

News Story

How Machine Learning Could Transform Work in Physics Labs Across the Country  

Recently published research from Bradley Fugetta (C’23), Gen Yin and collaborators could transform the way physics labs around the world study the magnetic properties of different materials

January 22, 2024

A Black woman wearing a pink sweater and striped pink shirt writes her New Year's resolutions on a notebook.

News Story

A Slower Way to Amp Up Your Productivity

Professor Cal Newport doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions. He tunes up his systems and fires up goals at the beginning of the school year.

January 8, 2024