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Animals In Eden

Animals in Heaven? Jesuit Professor’s New Book Claims Catholic Theology Says Yes

November 12th, 2019

Professor Christopher Steck of the Department of Theology published his book All God’s Animals: A Catholic Theological Framework for Animal Ethics, the first of its kind to claim through scholarly research that that Catholic theology does in fact show that animals will join people in heaven. Steck also outlines the importance of caring for the animal kingdom on earth due to their acceptance into heaven.

Hand-drawn map of Ellington’s Washington by Franz Jantzen highlighting prominent U Street locations included in the “Remembering U Street: A Pictorial Reminiscence” book from the 1994 U Street Festival by Henry Whitehead et al. Courtesy of George Washington University’s Special Collections.

Georgetown Professor Launches Remembering YoU, a Community Archiving Initiative to Preserve Historic U-Street Neighborhood

November 6th, 2019

Department of History Professor Ananya Chakravarti is working to preserve the rich history of one of Washington’s most culturally vibrant neighborhoods. She and Georgetown Professor Maurice Jackson have worked with students and various community partners to launch “Remembering YoU: A U Street Community Archiving Initiative” November 8 and 9 in the U Street neighborhood.

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