Departments and Programs

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African American Studies Program    
Robert J. Patterson, Program Director 202-687-1324 Location: 318 New North
Leslie Byers, Administrative Officer 202-687-3117 Location: 474 Intercultural Center
Americas Initiative    
John Tutino, Program Director 202-687-6194 Location: 622 Intercultural Center
Kathleen Gallagher, Program Coordinator 202-687-3358 Location: 598-A Intercultural Center
American Studies Program    

Matthew Tinkcom, Program Director


Location: 311 Car Barn

IIeana Aguilar, Administrative Officer

202-687-5958 Location: 681 Intercultural Center
Anthropology, Department of    
Fida Adely, Interim Chair 202-687-8192 Location: 241 Intercultural Center
Kurt Muhlbauer, Administrative Officer 202-687-4185 Location: 308 Car Barn
Arabic and Islamic Studies, Department of    
Felicitas Opwis, Chair 202-687-5743 Location: 208 Poulton
Meriem Tikue, Administrative Assistant for Financial Affairs 202-687-5743 Location: 201-A Poulton
Art and Art History, Department of    
John Morrell, Chair 202-687-6937 Location: 403 Walsh
Darlene Jones, Administrative Officer 202-687-6957 Location: 102 Walsh
Biology, Department of    
Steven Singer, Chair 202-687-9884 Location: 310 Regents Hall
TBA, Administrative Officer    
Catholic Studies Program    
Sr. Ilia Delio, Program Director 202-687-6363 Location: 305-S Intercultural Center
Leslie Byers, Administrative Officer 202-687-3117 Location: 474 Intercultural Center
Chemistry, Department of    
YuYe J. Tong, Chair 202-687-5872

Location: 408-B White-Gravenor

Kathleen Bayne, Administrative Officer 202-687-5933 Location: 232 Reiss
Classics, Department of    
Charles McNelis, Chair 202-687-8714 Location: 315 Healy Hall
Heather Melman, Administrative Assistant 202-687-7624 Location: 322 Healy Hall
Cognitive Science Program    
David Lightfoot, Program Director 202-687-4804 Location: 311 Car Barn
Tonya Puffet, Administrative Officer 202-687-4824 Location: 311 Car Barn
Comparative Literature Program    
Patricia Vieira, Program Director 202-687-6134 Location: 403 Intercultural Center
Leslie Byers, Administrative Officer 202-687-3117 Location: 474 Intercultural Center
Computer Science, Department of    
Bala Kalyanasundaram, Chair 202-687-2709

Location: 329-A St. Mary’s Hall

Rahama Wright, Administrative Coordinator 202-687-1793

Location: 355 St. Mary’s Hall

East Asian Languages and Cultures, Department of    
Philip Kafalas, Chair 202-687-6223 Location: 306-C Intercultural Center
TBA, Administrative Officer    
Economics, Department of    
Francis Vella, Chair 202-687-5573 Location: 580 Intercultural Center
Marcia Suss, Administrative Officer 202-687-6074 Location: 581 Intercultural Center
Education, Inquiry, and Justice, Program in    
Doug Reed, Program Director 202-687-8442 Location: 660 Intercultural Center
Tad Howard, Associate Dean 202-687-4261 Location: 303 Intercultural Center
English, Department of    
Kathryn Temple, Chair 202-687-6765 Location: 306 New North
Karen Lautman, Administrator 202-687-0186 Location: 304 New North
English Language Education and Development    
Deanna Wormuth, Director 202-687-5701 Location: 481 Intercultural  Center
Christa Hansen, Director of Special Programs and Program Development 202-687-4416 Location: 3607 O Street, NW
Environmental Studies Program    
Edward Barrows, Program Director 202-687-5841 Location: 248 Reiss
Leslie Byers, Administrative Officer 202-687-3117 Location: 474 Intercultural Center
Film and Media Studies Program    
Bernard Cook, Program Director 202-687-6331 Location: 108 White-Gravenor
Lilian Hughes, Program Coordinator 202-687-2198 Location: 156 New South
French and Francophone Studies, Department of    
Andrew Sobanet, Chair 202-687-9327 Location: 417 Intercultural Center
Joan Matus, Administrative Officer 202-687-5717 Location: 416 intercultural Center
German, Department of    
Friederike Eigler, Chair 202-687-5922 Location: 465 Intercultural Center
Conor Sinclair, Administrative Officer 202-687-6051 Location: 468 Intercultural Center
Government, Department of    
Michael Bailey, Chair 202-687-6021 Location: 680 Intercultural Center
Ileana Aguilar, Administrative Officer 202-687-5958 Location: 681 Intercultural Center
History, Department of    
Carol Benedict, Chair 202-687-5813 Location: 601 Intercultural Center
Djuana Shields, Administrative Officer 202-687-8859 Location: 601 Intercultural Center
Italian, Department of    
Laura Benedetti, Chair 202-687-5728 Location: 307-L Intercultural Center
Lisa Comento, Department Administrator 202-687-5681 Location: 307 Intercultural Center
Journalism Program    
Barbara Feinman Todd, Program Director 202-687-7136 Location: 342 New North
Jennifer Koons, Lecturer   Location: 306 New North
Justice and Peace, Program on    
Randall Amster, Program Director 202-687-0376 Location: 103 Poulton
Amanda Munroe, Program Coordinator 202-687-5330 Location: 103 Poulton
Linguistics, Department of    
Heidi Hamilton, Chair 202-687-6098 Location: 246 Poulton
Manela Diez, Administrative Officer 202-678-6091 Location: 244 Poulton
Mathematics and Statistics, Department of    
Der-Chen Chang, Chair 202-687-5609

Location: 324 St. Mary’s Hall

Ameika Clark, Administrative Officer 202-687-6214

Location: 327-A St. Mary’s Hall

Medieval Philosophy, Center of    
Rev. Mark Henninger, S.J., Director 202-687-2103 Location: 215 New North
Sandra Strachan-Vieira, Research Associate   Location: 215 New North
Medieval Studies Program    
David Goldfrank, Program Director 202-687-6190 Location: 616 Intercultural Center
Leslie Byers, Program Coordinator 202-687-3117 Location: 474 Intercultural Center
Performing Arts, Department of    
Maya Roth, Chair 202-687-3838 Location: 108 Davis Center
Danea Freeman, Academic Administrator 202-687-3143 Location: 108 Davis Center
Philosophy, Department of    
Wayne Davis, Chair 202-687-7445 Location: 215 New North
Anne Walsh, Associate Director of Academic Affairs 202-687-7494 Location: 211 New North
Physics, Department of    
Amy Liu, Chair 202-687-2087 Location: 546 Reiss
Mary Rashid, Administrative Officer 202-687-5938 Location: 506-C Reiss
Pre-Health Programs    
Ed Meyertholen, Assistant Dean and Director 202-687-0870 Location: 108 White-Gravenor
Vikki McGuire, Program Coordinator 202-687-4853 Location: 506-C Reiss
Psychology, Department of    
James Lamiell, Chair 202-687-3657 Location: 306-B White-Gravenor
Nancy Swartz, Administrative Officer 202-687-4003 Location: 306-N White-Gravenor
Slavic Languages, Department of    
David Andrews, Chair 202-687-5951 Location: 307-H Intercultural Center
Marina Samkharadze, Administrative Assistant 202-687-6147 Location: 307-A2 Intercultural Center
Social and Political Thought Program    
Richard Boyd, Program Director 202-687-5865 Location: 674 Intercultural Center
Sociology, Department of    
Tim Wickham-Crowley, Chair


Location: 209-07 Car Barn
Hanadi Salih, Administrative Officer 202-687-4184 Location: 209-02 Car Barn
Spanish and Portuguese, Department of    
Gwen Kirkpatrick, Chair 202-687-2014 Location: 403 Intercultural Center
Maria-Elvira Daza, Financial Administrator 202-687-6134 Location: 403 Intercultural Center
Teaching English as a Foreign Language    
Christa Hansen, Program Director 202-687-4416 Location: 3607 O Street, NW
Nickie Davis, Administrative Officer 202-687-7710 Location: 3607 O Street, NW
Theology, Department of    
Rev. Christopher Steck, S.J., Chair 202-687-9294 Location: 120 New North
Margit Silva, Department Administrator 202-687-6657 Location: 120 New North

Women’s and Gender Studies Program

You-Me Park, Chair 202-687-9325 Location: 456 Intercultural Center
Leslie Byers, Program Coordinator 202-687-3117 Location: 474 Intercultural Center