Dean’s Staff

Rosario Ceballo, Dean, Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences. 108 White-Gravenor

Faculty Affairs

Andrew Sobanet, Vice Dean of Faculty; Professor, Department of French and Francophone Studies

  • Departments: Foreign Languages and Linguistics: Arabic and Islamic Studies, Classics, East Asian Languages and Cultures, French and Francophone Studies, German, Italian, Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese, Slavic Languages, Small Program Languages. Other Departments: African American Studies, Art and Art History, English, Performing Arts
  • Programs: Film and Media Studies, Global and Comparative Literature, Global Medieval Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies

David Edelstein, Vice Dean of Faculty and Interdisciplinary Strategy; Professor, Department of Government

  • Departments: Anthropology, Economics, Government, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Programs: American Studies, Catholic Studies, Disability Studies, Education, Inquiry, and Justice, Journalism, Justice and Peace Studies

Elena Silva, Vice Dean of Faculty and Diversity and Inclusion; Professor, Department of Biology

  • Departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Programs: Cognitive Science, Environmental Studies

Undergraduate Affairs

Sue Lorenson, Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education

Academic Advising

First-Years and Sophomores: 303 Bunn Intercultural Center, 202-687-6045

Marlene Canlas, Associate Dean, last names Ti-Z

Thomas Chiarolanzio, Senior Associate Dean, last names A-Bh

Erin Force, Associate Dean, last names Cp-Ga

Hall (Tad) Howard, Associate Dean, last names Bi-Co

Sarah Lim, Advising Dean, last names P-Th

Kathryn Wade, Advising Dean, last names Gb-Lo

Stefan Zimmers, Assistant Dean, last names Lp-O

Juniors and Seniors: 108 White-Gravenor, 202-687-4043

Jessica Ciani-Dausch, Assistant Dean
Advises economics and political economy

Bernard Cook, Associate Dean
Advises American studies, English, and interdisciplinary studies

Vanessa Corcoran, Advising Dean
Advises art, art history, history, government (A-Mc), global medieval studies, women’s and gender studies

Javier Jiménez-Westerman, Assistant Dean
Advises foreign language (including comparative literature), and psychology

Sue Lorenson, Vice Dean 
Advises linguistics majors

Mike Parker, Assistant Dean
Advises science majors (including computer science)

Keshia Woods, Associate Dean
Advises African American studies, anthropology, justice and peace studies, and sociology. Also advises junior and senior students who have not declared a major

Aia Yousef, Advising Dean
Advises American music culture, government (Md-Z), mathematics, philosophy, theater and performance studies, and theology and religious studies

Pre-Health Advising

Leanne Burck, Assistant Director, Pre-Health Advising

Mary Beth Connell, Associate Dean and Director of Pre-Health Advising

Lucy Cherner, Assistant Director, Pre-Health Advising

Administrative Staff

Karen Brown, Administrative Assistant

Lisa Cook, Administrative Assistant

Claudia Estrada, Academic Records Specialist

Lanah Koelle, Manager of Student Academic Records 

Candace Mosely, Program Coordinator

Martha Warner, Dean Ceballo’s Office Administrator and Program Manager

Budget, Finance, and Operations

Jennifer Munger, Senior Associate Dean for Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Financial Operations

Michael May, Senior Director of Financial Operations

Derica Barbour, Assistant Director for Finance & Operations

Haley Lentz, Assistant Director for Finance & Operations

Pamela Rivers, Assistant Director for Finance & Operations

LaShelle Gee, Procurement Analyst

Albana Ndreu, Senior Accountant

Denique Stuart, Staff Accountant

Samantha Hossler, Administrative Officer

Financial Planning & Analysis

Yvette Jiang, Senior Planning & Budget Analyst

Philip Bachas-Daunert, Planning & Budget Analyst

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Sasha Williams, Director of HCM Planning & Operations

Cynthia Reid-Wills, HCM Operations Analyst

Vacant, HCM Operations Analyst


Lynn Delles, Director of Communications 

Thesalie Dumlao, Digital Communications Specialist

Hayden Frye, Communications Specialist

Shelby Roller, Communications Specialist

Development and Alumni Relations

Nancy Barone, Executive Assistant for Development

Erin DeLoach, Assistant Vice President, Development

Michela Greco, Director of Development, Georgetown College and Special Projects

Gregory Stahl, Director of Development