Health, Law, or Graduate School?

Pre-Health Studies

Through a demanding science curriculum informed by a vigorous liberal arts context, Georgetown presents pre-health studies as the sciences fully integrated in society and motivated by a desire to explore and improve the human condition.

Pre-med students choose majors from all disciplines, from sciences to arts to languages, fostering pursuit of individual academic interests and qualification for medical school admission. Visit Georgetown’s pre-health studies website for more information on the program, including coursework, schedules, and clinic/volunteer opportunities.

The College has an Early Assurance Program agreement with Georgetown University School of Medicine whereby a select number of pre-medical students, at the end of their sophomore year, may be assured of admission to the medical school upon satisfactory completion of their junior and senior years. The program is designed to encourage exceptional students to undertake ambitious programs with a degree of security about eventual admission to medical school. The medical school will exempt these students from the MCAT requirement. Students interested in the program should contact Assistant Dean Marlene Canlas.

Pre-Legal Advising

Georgetown has a long tradition of preparing students to enter the legal profession. While there is no “pre-law” curriculum, students preparing for law school should concentrate on courses that require analytic thinking and clear written expression.

Most students who plan to go to law school major in one of the humanities or social sciences. However, the flexibility of the College curriculum gives students in any major ample opportunity to elect courses in areas that may serve as a background for law. With the increasingly international and technological scope of legal practice today, students with backgrounds in language, cultural studies, and science are also well prepared for law school and legal careers.

The College has an Early Assurance Program agreement with the Georgetown University Law Center. This program allows well-qualified students to submit an application to the law center during their junior year. Students not admitted under the program may apply again through regular admission during their senior year or later. Interested students should contact the Law Center’s Office of Admissions or the pre-law advisor in the Cawley Career Education Center for applications and details at the beginning of their junior year.

Graduate School

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in another discipline, please contact your major department or faculty advisor for guidance. They will be able to provide your with guidance related to postbaccalaureate study.

For information about biomedical sciences programs at Georgetown, visit the Biomedical Graduate Education website