Students can use the Advising section of the website to answer common advising questions.

A gray building is framed by flowering trees and students studying on a green lawn.

View of White-Gravenor Hall, which is a classroom and administration building with offices for the Dean of the College of Arts & Science.

The Dean’s Office

Once students declare a major at the end of sophomore year, they may meet with  both a dean and a faculty advisor from their major’s department.

During a student’s first two years, students are expected to meet with a member of the dean’s staff to discuss their academic interests and goals and to construct a non-binding four-year plan. This provides an opportunity for students to explore the full range of curricular options and to discuss opportunities like study abroad.

Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors are assigned at the end of a student’s sophomore year and guide students through all aspects of degree completion.

Students entering the College with declared majors in math, science, foreign language, and linguistics require specialized advice from the start of their degree program and are assigned a faculty advisor during their first year.

Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are current students who aid new students as they transition to college by sharing experiences, providing insight, and responding to questions and concerns.

Over the summer, peer advisors introduce themselves to incoming students,  answer any initial questions the student might have, and assist them with the pre-registration process. Peer advisors also work closely with the dean’s office and faculty advisors and maintain contact with students throughout the year.