First-Year Seminars

Signature, Small Cohort Classes for College First-Year Students

First-year students in the College have access to a selection of unique courses and academic programs designed exclusively for incoming students. These courses were created to enhance learning and build personal academic community.

Features of First-Year Seminars

  • Capped at 16 – 20 students per seminar so students may create small communities in students’ first semester at Georgetown
  • Connect new students to a faculty mentor
  • Introduce students to the art of academic discussion, analytical reading, and effective writing
  • Provide students with an introduction to the life of the mind and the intellectual life of the university
  • Include experiential learning activities
  • Fulfill core requirements and, in some cases, serve as elective coursework in major and minor programs.

Explore Your Options

Applying for a Seminar

Applications must be submitted by Monday, July 12, 9:00 a.m. EDT in order to be considered.
Applicants will be notified of their selection by Wednesday, July 21.
If you are placed into a seminar, you will build the rest of your fall schedule around your seminar.

Note for students entering Georgetown College with a major in science or computer science and those who plan to pursue the pre-health coursework:
You have been enrolled in the introductory course(s) in your major for this fall! This enrollment assures you a seat in these required courses in your major, some of which are difficult to schedule due to complicated science lecture and lab combinations. Please visit (new window) to view your enrollments. If you decide to apply to a First-Year Seminar, you may only apply to seminars that do not create time conflicts with your existing course enrollments. Contact if you have any questions or concerns about your enrollments.

Click the link below to access the application, and log in with your Georgetown NetId and password. Your work will be saved, so you may leave the application and come back to it at any time. You will be asked to rank your top 3 to 5 seminars, and to respond to the following prompt in 200-250 words: “We seek to create intentional and diverse communities in our First-Year Seminar classrooms. Tell us about the personal qualities, interests, or experiences that lead you to seek a first-year seminar.” If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact

Experience First-Year Seminars