Undergraduate Education in the Jesuit Tradition

As a Jesuit college, Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences draws on a dynamic tradition of education characterized by an optimistic Christian humanism and commitment to responsibility and social action.

Students on a neighborhood tour of DC

First-Year Orientation to Community Involvement (FOCI) students on a neighborhood tour.

Accordingly, the College seeks to encourage the development of critical powers, respect for tradition and human reason, and an appreciation of life and all its endeavors.

We promote not only the intellectual disciplines but also the search for personal values and convictions that will enable graduates to continue redefining and maturing their thoughts, and also to continue pursuing the integration of their activities, values, and relationships with others.

The College begins the pursuit of these Jesuit-inspired goals through a diverse set of core requirements.

No area of human experience is unimportant to the formation of informed and compassionate citizens. The skills and strategies that students acquire inform their choice of major, allow for a depth of experience in the discipline, and provide the best foundation for a personally productive life.