Executive Council Membership

As the primary academic policy-making body of the College, the Executive Council provides broad vision and leadership.

Thus, its membership is not intended to represent specific departments or programs individually, but rather to provide a variety of perspectives. Collectively, the members of the Executive Council will bring to the body the views and experiences of students at all levels, as well as diverse faculty from departments and programs of varying sizes and academic missions. Both the membership outlined below and the dean’s appointment prerogative are meant to facilitate this goal.

For more information about the Executive Council, please read Article V of the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences constitution.

David Edelstein
Vice Dean of Faculty
108 White-Gravenor


The Council meets on Mondays, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on the following dates:

2022-23 Academic Year Representation

Executive Council Chair

Rosario Ceballo, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences


Friederike Eigler, Department of German, Vice Chair
Tommaso Astarita, Department of History, Secretary

Steering Committee

Oded Meyer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Naveen Shah, Undergraduate Student

Office of the Dean Representatives

David Edelstein, Vice Dean of Faculty
Andrew Sobanet, Vice Dean of Faculty
Sue Lorenson, Vice Dean of Undergraduate Education
Jennifer Munger, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer

Faculty Representatives

Dean’s Appointments

Angel de Dios, Department of Chemistry
Micah Sherr, Department of Computer Science
Friederike Eigler, Department of German

Arts and Humanities

Al Acres, Department of Art and Art History
Benjamin Harbert, Department of Performing Arts

Human and Social Sciences

Tommaso Astarita, Department of History
Becky Hsu, Department of Sociology

Languages and Linguistics

Jennifer Nycz, Department of Linguistics
Laura Benedetti, Department of Italian

Natural and Quantitative Sciences

Matt Hamilton, Department of Biology
Ali Arab, Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Fathali Moghaddam, Department of Psychology
Mark Lance, Program on Justice and Peace

Full-Time Non-Tenure Line Faculty

Libbie Rifkin, Department of English and Disability Studies Program
Oded Meyer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty Senate Representative

Stephen Weymouth, Faculty Senate

College Academic Council Student Representatives

Mehek Thapar (C’23)
Naveen Shah

Graduate Student Representatives

Hope D’Ovidio (MA student)
Vaughn Shirey (Ph.D. student)