Academics – Concept 1

Our exceptional students and world-class faculty are the heart and soul of the university. The College curriculum explores the full range of human endeavors, questions, and values. 

Education in the Jesuit Tradition

Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences draws on a dynamic tradition of education, characterized by an optimistic Christian humanism and commitment to responsibility and social action. Our schools seek to encourage the development of your critical powers, respect for tradition and human reason, and an appreciation of life and all its endeavors

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What is Cura Personalis?

One of the central tenets being at Georgetown is understanding our approach to education, cura personalis. It is our mission that of all our students be stewards of improving humanity, empathize and help others as you seek knowledge to self improve.

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The Pursuit to Understand Cultures and Languages

Faculty of Languages and Linguistics (FLL) help to educate students in a well-developed program of studies, to evaluate ideas and values from a humanistic and a theoretical/critical perspective. The aim is to produce graduates who are sensitive to the needs of the world community, open to exploring new ways to improve life, and ready to approach problems with an intercultural perspective.

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Undergraduate Financial Aid Assistance

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We Cover Every Corner of the Human Experience

Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences offers Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in over 40 majors. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers Ph.D., Professional Doctorate, Master’s, and Certificate level programs in over 50 discipline areas.

Three students sit in the back row of a classroom, watching a professor lecture.


The study of philosophy, theology, languages, history, literature, and the arts are among the oldest components of university education and compel us to transcend our experiential, cultural, and temporal limitations. Our humanities programs expose students to rich traditions of thought, spirituality, and expression from across the world in an effort to understand what it means to be human.

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Social Sciences

The study of social sciences such as economics, government, sociology, and anthropology use methods of scientific inquiry to better understand human behavior. Our social science programs aim to create true global citizens — to fortify technical training with compassion, understanding, and judgment necessary to become agents for the common welfare on a global scale.

Science and Mathematics

Engaging students in authentic inquiry is the hallmark of a science and mathematics education at Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences. Through more than a dozen science and mathematics majors and minors, our students focus on developing knowledge through hands-on learning in order to move from studying science to being scientists.

Graduate Program Information

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