International Business, Language, and Culture

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The application for the International Business, Language, and Culture program for the Class of 2027 will open in January 2024.

The International Business, Language, and Culture (IBLC) degree is a collaborative program that draws on the unique and complementary assets of the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences and the McDonough School of Business (MSB).

Undergraduate students from the College and the McDonough School of Business are eligible to earn a Bachelor of Science degree while remaining affiliated with – and advised by – their respective schools through graduation.

The IBLC program is a 120-credit degree that integrates essential elements of the McDonough program in international business with a tailored program in one language from the College’s Faculty of Language and Linguistics.

IBLC is a deeply collaborative and interdisciplinary opportunity for Georgetown undergraduates, emphasizing the centrality of cultural and linguistic competency to the business sector, and the ways that language study has always been an avenue to effect change and innovation in the world. By placing language and culture in conversation with business, students are invited to take up vital, global questions of inequality, labor and human dignity, technological, ethical, and environmental consequences.

Students planning on applying to this program should demonstrate their language proficiency as well as their quantitative skills through coursework at Georgetown. They should do so by taking courses in their intended language of concentration, ECON-1001 and 1002, and MATH-1350 (or 1310 and 1320) in their first year at Georgetown.

Selection for the program is highly selective. The admissions committee will be carefully looking at how far along students are in their language studies and if they can comfortably complete the language and culture concentration in their intended language by their graduation date. The committee will also place great emphasis on the completion of ECON-1001, ECON-1002, and MATH-1350 (or 1310 and 1320). Since CAS students cannot usually take MSB courses, there is no expectation for CAS students to complete any MSB courses prior to being selected for the program.

The decision of the admissions committee is final. Once admissions decisions are made, they cannot be reconsidered.

For a full breakdown of the major’s requirements, check out this curriculum guide.

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