Engaging Diversity

All Georgetown students are required to take two "engaging diversity" courses to ensure the opportunity to engage with diversity issues in two different contexts: One domestic and one global.

The engaging diversity requirement will prepare students to be responsible, reflective, self-aware and respectful global citizens through recognizing the plurality of human experience and engaging with different cultures, beliefs, and ideas. By fulfilling the requirement, students will become better able to appreciate and reflect upon how human diversity and human identities shape our experience and understanding of the world.

Many courses that meet the diversity requirement also meet other curricular requirements (e.g., core, major, minor) in each school. Courses fulfilling this requirement are indicated with the DIVG (global) and DIVD (domestic) attribute tags in the schedule of classes. Note that while some courses may carry both tags (i.e., global and domestic), students are still required to take two engaging diversity courses in total.