Humanities: Arts, Literature, and Cultures

Every student will take one course in the Humanities: Arts, Literatures, and Cultures (HALC). Literature and the visual and performing arts deepen our understanding of many kinds of expressive media, past and present, and the realities they aim to present. Through reading, writing, and creative practice, students acquire the intellectual and practical tools to interpret and critique the world. Courses fulfilling this requirement use historical, critical, and/or experiential methods.

Students explore ancient and modern civilizations, gain insight into the value of other cultures and critically examine their own. They learn to see, evaluate, interpret, and communicate human experience through literary texts, artistic creations, material objects, and critical concepts. Those who create or perform works of art experience directly the discipline and revelatory impact of artistic expression.

Courses fulfilling this requirement are identified with the HALC attribute (“HALC – Hum, Art, Lit, Cul”) in the Schedule of Classes.

Note: The HALC requirement replaces the second half of the older Humanities & Writing requirement. Students in the Classes of 2017 and earlier who had not yet fulfilled the Humanities and Writing II requirement should register for a course with the HALC attribute.