Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is defined as learning from experience or learning by doing. Skills and knowledge are acquired from firsthand experiences. These experiences include research, study abroad, internships, and service learning. Well-planned experiential learning programs can stimulate academic inquiry by promoting interdisciplinary learning, civic engagement, career development, cultural awareness, leadership, and other professional and intellectual skills.

Take advantage of opportunities to engage intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, and physically.


At The Capitol Applied Learning Labs (CALL), experience is key. Engaging in a vibrant city as a young professional, trying on career dreams to see how they fit, and building bridges to one’s academic pursuits is a semester a Hoya will never forget. Bring your Georgetown beyond the gates. Choose the classes that advance your knowledge, the skills to upgrade your experience and forge your own path from the hilltop directly to your future.

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Service & Action

At Georgetown, you’ll be part of a community that has valued social justice and service for centuries. “Contemplation in Action” is in our DNA and grounded in the Jesuit tradition of people for others. Mentor young students in DC, offer pro bono legal services, care for the sick at a clinic. You’ll find more than 100 university-sponsored service opportunities at Georgetown that engage students in addressing some of today’s most pressing issues.

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Career Readiness Internships

Washington, DC, is more than the center of political power. Through internships, students can explore many professions, not just politics. Students gain real-world experience by working with the federal government, the DC government, nonprofits, think tanks, private businesses, news organizations, and museums.

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You’re immersed in the real world, you’re acting the way an employee would act, you have tasks that you’re asked to do, there’s a boss, there’s a deliverable – in some way, shape, or form – depending on the employer that you’re working with…

Employers are often looking for students who have had these types of experiences as part of their education, because of the value that comes with having students exposed to real world problems and working on those problems in real world situations.

Research Opportunities

Georgetown University Research Opportunities Program (GUROP) is an undergraduate research assistantship program for students in CAS, MSB, SCS, SFS, SOH, and SON. This is a wonderful opportunity for undergraduates in any academic discipline to build their skills in scholarly inquiry.

Participating students work under the direction of a Georgetown University professor for approximately 60 hours over the course of one semester.

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Global Opportunities

Experience all the world has to offer – follow your curiosity, expand your community, and immerse yourself in a rich learning experience hundreds of miles or more from home. When you travel the globe you’ll see, learn, live, and connect as part of an academic and personal exploration you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

The Office of Global Education (OGE) will guide your study-abroad journey from start to finish. Meet with experienced global education advisors for everything from finances to safety tips to sights and sounds you won’t want to miss.

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Student Leadership

Participation in student government provides a valuable opportunity for learning more about the University and the role students play in advocating for change, support, and resources. Unifying Georgetown’s diverse student community and their collective voices are the Georgetown Undergraduate Student Association and the Graduate Student Organization.

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Studio Performance

Participate in the Department of Performing Arts community in a wide variety of ways, whether you want to perform, direct, choreograph, build in the scene shop, work backstage, write, or produce a student-run show.

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