The Columbia Combined Program (CCP) – Preparation for Engineering Education

The Program

In order to broaden educational opportunities for its students, Georgetown University offers a 3/2 Combined Plan joint degree in partnership with the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. The Columbia Combined Plan (CCP) program, the first dual-degree engineering program instituted in the United States, is designed to provide students with the opportunity to receive both a B.A. degree from Georgetown and a B.S. degree from Columbia Engineering over the course of five years. The most common formulation of this degree program consists of three years of study at Georgetown followed by two years at Columbia (3/2 program). However, some students may want to spend additional time in their studies at Georgetown, and thus may elect to spend four years at Georgetown followed by two years at Columbia (4/2 program). Like any other student, those interested in the CCP declare and complete the requirements for any undergraduate major at Georgetown.

We encourage current Georgetown University students to declare their intention to the Dean’s office as early as possible to facilitate advising and support of the application process.

Planning for the Program

Below, please find downloadable four-year planning guides for the CCP*:

*Please note that these guides are designed for students of the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences, and students from other schools should contact their academic advisor for help in determining their school’s specific requirements.

Some Major-Specific Requirements may not be available at Georgetown. In this situation, students should consult the CCP Curriculum Guide for their options. In brief, depending on the course, students may have some or all of the following choices:

When considering taking coursework away from Georgetown, students may refer to this list of Previously Approved Away Coursework for examples and ideas. This list will be updated as often as possible and is not exhaustive; it is rather provided as a primer for a student’s search for coursework away from Georgetown. Students may request to take any of the courses on this list but are not restricted to these courses. In all cases, previously approved or not, students will be expected to provide up-to-date syllabi for away coursework to the CCP liaison for evaluation. Additionally, online/distance coursework is not acceptable to fulfill CCP Foundational or Major-Specific requirements.

Eligibility and Applying

Students from any of Georgetown’s undergraduate schools and majors are eligible to participate in the CCP. Although students can enroll in any undergraduate degree program at Georgetown and still qualify for the CCP, majors in the sciences (particularly physics) and mathematics are the most compatible.

Students apply to Columbia in February of their junior or senior year. Admission is offered for the Fall semester only. Information about and the application for the CCP can be found on Columbia’s Combined Plan Program Admissions page.

A completed application must include all of the following:

More detailed descriptions of the eligibility requirements and the process of applying are provided in the CCP Curriculum Guide and the FAQ document.

Additional Resources

For more information about eligibility, the application process, and admissions, download the CCP Curriculum Guide. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ document, which covers many of the basic tenets and common student questions about the CCP.

If you cannot find answers to your questions in the FAQ, please contact the combined plan program liaison, Assistant Dean Michael Parker, at