Social Responsibility Network

SRN members hosted Ruth White, Executive Director of the National Center for Housing and Welfare.

The Social Responsibility Network (SRN) is a mentorship program for Georgetown College students interested in pursuing service-based careers. Students will have opportunities to learn from College alumni who have found success in service-related industries, from health accessibility to educational administration.

Launched in Spring 2019 under the direction of Dean Thomas Chiarolanzio, the SRN helps students explore options in non-profit sectors. The SRN Board of Advisors mentors and advises students as to ways to use a liberal arts education to do well by doing good.

SRN Board of Advisors

Jennifer Caspar (C’88)

Board Chair/Board Vice Chair – Piece by Piece/Skid Row Housing Trust

English Major, Italian Minor

MacKenzie Copley (C’15)

Co-Founder & CEO – One Tent Health

Economics Major, Physics Minor

Michael Scanlan (C’86)

Administrative Dean – St. Benedict’s Preparatory School

History Major, Economics Minor

Davine Scarlet (C’09)

Grants Manager – Camillus House, Inc.

Anthropology Major, English and Psychology Minors

Heidi Schultheis (C’09)

Senior Project Manager for Field Building – Heartland Alliance

American Studies Major, Spanish and English Minors

Francesca Vietor (C’86)

Senior Advisor/Commissioner – San Francisco Foundation/SF Public Utilities Commission

Italian Major, Spanish Minor

Adrienne Villani (C’06)

Senior Business Development Specialist – Global Initiatives – Internews

Italian Studies Major, Economics Minor

The application process for the 2020-2021 cohort of the Social Responsibility Network is now available. The application is due Friday, May 1, 2020. Notifications will be sent in the summer.

SRN in Action