Ignatius Seminars

Who may apply?

All first-year students in the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences.

Course/Credit Equivalencies

One course and three credits.

Requirements Fulfilled

The Ignatius Seminars touch on almost every core requirement and multiple major/minors. Please see each Seminar for more details.

Anna Dewey

“My Ignatius Seminar was absolutely foundational to my transition into Georgetown’s learning community. The environment fostered through this unique experience sprouted friendships, insightful discussion, and a quaint community of like-minded–yet different–first-years.” – Anna Dewey, C‘26

About the Program

Ignatius Seminars offer students an enormous range of questions and subjects to explore, each course designed by a faculty member invited to teach something personal, something intimately meaningful to them. The variety represents the richness and diversity of the College’s intellectual community. But in this variety these seminars share a common thread and inspiration, beyond the texts and contexts, that make these Ignatius Seminars.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, who founded the Jesuit order in the 16th century, offered a number of educational insights that animate Georgetown’s curriculum still in 2023. Close faculty-student interaction, reflection, whole person education, and cura personalis characterize the open and electric atmosphere in our Ignatius Seminars, which in turn provide an important orientation to our deepest educational values and priorities.