Make a Gift

Generous gifts from Georgetown’s alumni, parents, and friends support the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences and help us continue our commitment to the Jesuit traditions of an integrated education and of productive research in the liberal arts, including fine arts, humanities, languages, sciences, and social sciences. Your support helps us maintain our place in the top tier of elite universities worldwide.

There are many ways donors may choose to support the College.

  • Give to the College: The College Dean’s Fund allows the dean to meet the most pressing needs of the College, and provide support that has an immediate impact on our mission and success. Having flexible funds available to support students, faculty, infrastructure, curriculum, and programs in this way is a top priority.
  • Give to a Department or Program: Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences is home to more than 43 distinct departments and programs, from Chinese to physics, government to art history. You may tailor your gift to support to a discipline of your choice. Select “Other” in the designation drop-down box and in the “Special Instructions” section, write the name of the department/program to which you are giving.
  • Give to College-wide Faculty Excellence: Our commitment to faculty excellence recognizes both the fundamental need to recruit and retain excellent faculty who are leaders in their field and who significantly impact our students through teaching and mentoring. This will provide support for faculty research, summer grants, conference travel, and start-up costs.
  • Give to the Ignatius Seminars: The Ignatius Seminar Program offers first-year students the opportunity to delve into a one-of-a-kind course of study with senior College faculty. A hallmark of the first-year experience, these seminars provide students with an intimate class setting in which to develop lifelong skills such as critical thinking and clear written expression.
  • Give to the 1789 Scholarship Imperative: Gifts to the 1789 Scholarship Imperative will allow us to significantly increase the number of scholarships funded through philanthropy. This will allow Georgetown to offer competitive financial aid packages to more students and fulfill the university’s commitment to bring the best students to campus, regardless of their ability to pay.

Why Does Giving Matter?

It helps the College enroll the most promising students. It ensures the continuing high standards of a Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences education by enhancing the caliber of faculty that the College can recruit and retain, by strengthening academic programs and by improving campus facilities and services.

It builds our community of philanthropy. Alumni and parent giving sends a message of confidence in the institution which begets investment from other individuals, corporations and foundations. Your gift matters! Please direct your gift to the area that means the most to you. We sincerely thank you for your support of Georgetown.

For More Information

If you have questions about giving to Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences or you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Hannah Sass
Senior Director of Development, College of Arts & Sciences
2115 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Suite 500 Washington, DC 20057-1253

Michela Greco
Director of Development, College of Arts & Sciences and Special Projects
2115 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Suite 500 Washington, DC 20057-1253
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