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The Georgetown Jesuit: A Monk in the World

December 19, 2013—Since Georgetown University’s founding in 1789, Jesuits have been a part of campus life. They have held roles as inspired administrators, learned scholars, trusted advisors, and thoughtful companions at the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university. Their presence on campus has helped center the university and lead it forward while never forgetting the institution’s mission of intellectual discourse, civic engagement, and spiritual inquiry.

Today, the 43-member Jesuit community continues to play a critical role at the university. Georgetown Jesuits range in age from early 30s to 92 years old and can be found everywhere on campus, from the residence halls to the classrooms, even in the gym for an early morning workout. In the spirit of St. Ignatius, who founded the religious order in the 16th century, Georgetown’s Jesuits are out in the world.

Photos by Jasveen Bindra and audio by Lauren Ober.