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Alumnus Brings Student Focus to Alumni Association

September 29, 2014—George J. Peacock (C’84) has nearly done it all when it comes to the Hilltop—as an undergraduate, he drove a GUTS bus, sang with the Georgetown Chimes, and worked at Yates Field House. But as the new Georgetown University Alumni Association (GUAA) president, he’s just getting started.

Peacock, who officially began his two-year term as GUAA president in July, formed a bond with the alumni community early on during his days at Georgetown.

“Singing with the Chimes greatly informed me about the nature of alumni and student relations. By October of my first year, I was attending events with alumni of all graduation years, and that tight relationship between Chimes alumni really influenced me,” Peacock explained.

It should come as no surprise that Peacock’s first job out of college was with the alumni association, solidifying what has become a lifelong commitment to Georgetown and Hoyas everywhere. 

Today, Peacock seeks to foster that same sense of community for current students. With the GUAA, he’s formed the Student-Alumni Engagement Committee, which works to create a bridge between the student and alumni communities through affinity groups, programming, and events. In addition, he works to keep young alumni engaged by appointing recent graduates to various GUAA board committees.

Peacock is also passionate about providing current students with targeted career services.

“In today’s world, you’re getting the job by who you know and what contacts you might have. We want to facilitate those relationships,” Peacock explained.

As a result, the GUAA, in collaboration with several other university partners, has developed Hoya Gateway, a software program that not only connects students to alumni but provides several unique career-related networking opportunities.

“Students can find alumni in their fields of interest, and they can choose between a mock interview, a resume review, or a general update. We’re in the process of adding a fourth option—a shadow day—which will allow students to spend a day on the job with alumni,” Peacock said.

In addition, Peacock hopes to initiate a dinner program that would give alumni an opportunity to host a group of students in a setting of their choice. He’s also asked the DC Alumni Club to organize events on campus specifically for students, in an effort to make in-person meetings more accessible.  

“We want all students to consider themselves members of the DC Alumni Club. The club has already been active in hosting dinners for and reaching out to students, and we want to work with them to expand their efforts.”

Peacock also encourages Georgetown parents to join the conversation.

“We have alumni clubs in 80 cities around the world, and we welcome parents to join us any time,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity for them to meet administrators and faculty and a great chance for us to hear their perspective.”

These types of opportunities speak to one of Peacock’s main goals for his term as GUAA president: “to create more opportunities for alumni and students to meet.” Moreover, Peacock wants to help students understand that the Georgetown experience can last well beyond four years; something he knows firsthand.

“When I was first looking for a job in finance, I met an alumnus who worked at a museum, and it just so happened that his roommate from Georgetown worked on Wall Street,” Peacock said. “You never know who you might be talking to, so any time you’re invited to an alumni event, just go. Get to know us—we believe alumni are your best audience, and they’re thrilled to help.”

—Melissa Nyman

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