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Baker Scholars Celebrate 40 Years

October 15, 2013—For the last 40 years, the Baker Scholars Program has given Georgetown College students an opportunity to learn about the world of business. Service is also a fundamental element of the program, and Baker scholars demonstrate this commitment by giving back to their communities. Alumni and current scholars recently gathered for a reunion and shared their insights on the program’s mission and successes.

While at Georgetown, Baker scholars learn how a liberal arts education can enhance their future careers.

“As a liberal arts student, the Bakers showed me that there was a place for someone with these interests in the business world, and furthermore, that these interests and way of thinking could be an asset in the workplace. —Meg Gramins (C’99)

The Baker Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

“The program changed how I thought about a career and how I thought about myself. If it weren’t for Bakers, I don’t know where I’d be because it has shaped my life in the best way possible. From the intimate mentoring to the trips across the country, I was challenged to become the best version of myself. I think that’s what Bakers does best.” — Nate Hochstetler (C’12)

“As someone who isn’t quite sure what exactly she wants to do with business, I’ve really appreciated hearing from people within so many industries and from different backgrounds to see if I might be interested in pursuing a similar career. The Bakers go out of their way to spend time with you, take you out to coffee, and put you in touch with their own networks. But more than anything, I’m grateful for the very human side of these relationships. Living Georgetown’s motto of cura personalis, my Baker mentors—whether current students, recent alumni, or trustees—want to know me as a person. —Adri Smith (C’15)

“The Baker program introduced me to some very generous and wise mentors, who offered me sound professional advice and a healthy perspective about life in general. I became part of a very supportive community. As a trustee who is also a Jesuit, I hope to instill in current scholars the value of being reflective learners, developing good habits of reflecting on all that they are doing so that they understand the meaning of their experience.” —Father Kevin O’Brien, S.J. (C’88)

The program cultivates business leaders who are both intellectually inspired and socially conscious.

“The Bakers helped illuminate what opportunities existed in the business world, taught me the importance of networking, and reinforced the importance of acting with integrity and taking the time to learn everyone’s story, which have been helpful guideposts for managing teams.” —Meg Gramins (C’99)

“The program introduced me to the notion that the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills I was learning in my liberal arts curriculum would serve me well in an eventual business career, provided an exposure to professions to which I would have had no other access, and educated me about the possibility, and in fact the goal of working for or even founding a socially responsible business.” —Kris Reddington (C’81)

Baker scholars become committed to serving the program and their communities.

As a founding trustee, I’ve been involved with the program for 40 years. I’ve learned the true value, meaning, satisfaction, and joy of giving without counting the cost and of serving without seeking for gain. As a mentor, I encourage students to give back to the program and to Georgetown in general, as well as to give back in their career, family, and community lives. —Ben Cabell (C’62)

“As chair of the Baker Difference Committee, which focuses on the program’s priority of community service and ethical business practices, I try to impart to the scholars that a lifelong commitment to both is fundamental to being a Baker scholar.” —Kris Reddington (C’81)

“I serve as a founder and current member of the board for the LeTendre Education Fund for Homeless Children. Since 1998, this organization has awarded over 300 scholarships in support of homeless children seeking a path to college. It has been so successful that it actually has a growing alumni group of college grads who are now mentoring high school applicants. I consider it the single most important thing I have done (outside of my family) since graduation.” —Jeff Craven (C’81)

Photos by Kuna Malik Hamad and Jasveen Bindra.